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Who Can? TouCan Open Cans Quickly


For people with arthritis, carpal tunnel or any type of issue that makes your hands hurt. TouCan is an answer to your prayers. One touch button, hands free can opener that opens any size can with no twisting or turning of your hands. Align TouCan with the edge of the can you are opening, then press the button that looks like Toucan’s eye. And watch out as TouCan works its magic and your can is opened, quickly, easily and safely.

TouCan is an amazing new can opener that is easy to use and works wonderfully. I originally got this for my mother as a Christmas present, but after trying it out I have decided I will keep this one and purchase another one. There have been times that I have changed my dinner menu due to the fact of aches and pains in my hands and not wanting to open so many cans. Electric can openers are ok and work for the most part BUT you still have to fight with them to attach the can. They do not always catch the lid as they are suppose to and I have had cans fall off when the lid comes off. TouCan eliminates all of these worries. Your can sits on the table or counter and TouCan works its way around the entire can, regardless of the size. When you remove TouCan the lid is attached to the magnet. No more messes no more cut fingers on lids. 

Did you know that TouCan is not just a CAN opener? You can also open jars, pull tab cans and bottle caps?  YES, you read that correctly. You can open ALL of these different items with TouCan! How you may ask – wedge the bottom beak on the edge of the jar, can or bottle. There is a small clamp that removes lids with ease. 

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