Have you ever been at a party with all your girlfriends, and you are having a girls night as we call it. You kinda just sit around laugh, munch out on foods, tell stories, and of course you can not forget about the drinks and the shots that you are doing. Well I just recently went to a girls night out and was offered a shot of something that I had no clue what I was consuming, because of course no one would tell me, only thing they would say is just try it you are going to absolutely love it, so of course I had to partake and try it.  Well this shot that I did was chilled, yellow in color and absolutely yummy, it tasted just like lemons, oh and so smooth, it was so good that I found my self wanting more and trying to figure out where I had tasted this before. With a little bit of pressure and finageling the girls eventually broke down and told me that I was doing shots of LIMONCELLO made by Fabrizia.  All I could say was wow, it was so good, it brought me back to the Almalfi Coast sitting on the veranda with all my girls taking in the views and enjoying the Limoncello there on vacation. It was like a touch of Italy in just one taste, and a whole lot of special memories.


After that evening of girls night out, of course I had to do some research of my own and find out where I could purchase for myself and what other flavors that were made available to purchase. So the first thing that I did was go on their website , which gave me so much history on the product itself and the history on Phil Mastroianni who is actually the founder of Fabrizia Spirits.  It was very interesting to learn that Phil Mastroianni was originally from Boston Massachuetts and after visiting his family roots in their hometown of Platania in Calabria, he came home to develop his own Limoncello!  The Mastroianni’s did most of his work on weekends and evenings, developing and perfecting his drink until he could release it to the public to enjoy and partake in something, that has proved to be one of the Highest Quality Limoncello’s that anybody has ever tasted.



After reading the history on the website I did a little bit more soul-searching looking for more of the products that Fabrizia has available which is when I then noticed that Fabrizia does not only have Limoncello as a liqueur, but also has it has a cream liqueur. Fabrizia also offers an Italian Margarita, and a Blood Orange Liquor, and all of them are available at the following retailers near you: 

Available in: CT, DC, GA, MA, MD, ME, MI, NC, NH, NJ, OH, PA, RI, SC, VT, VA and WV

Reading on I was also amazed that when making these products they are made from all natural ingredients , Zested Lemon Rinds, pure grain alcohol, house made simple syrup, and when making the Limoncello Cream Liqueur they add a Wisconsin alcohol Cream to give it that sweet cream flavor, and of course when making the Blood Orange Liqueur they replace the Zested Lemon Rinds with Blood Orange Rinds.  I have had the please to partake in three of the four products that Fabrizia offers and all three are absolutely wonderful, I have tried them without being chilled, but when chilling them, the flavor is amazing. I have also dabbled in trying some of these liqueurs in mixed drinks, there website does offer some pretty amazing recipes to try to. They are so well worth it and pretty much aim to please. 

It is no wonder that Fabrizia was the Gold Medal winner in 2012 in San Francisco’s World Spirits Competition for there Limoncello, it is absolutely is amazing, and does have the Highest Quality Limoncello I have ever tasted. So if you are looking for something really special and unique please go out and pick up a bottle of Limoncello by Fabrizia then try it and let me know what you think.  “Salute”  “Cin Cin”. I have also included two of my favorite recipes from their website for you to enjoy!


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  1. Hi, that drink sounds like ferment fruit juice. I love the drink like that. Hope i can find it n the super market near my place.

  2. This seem like something I would try. I am not much of a drinker but this looks really good. It is not here in state of Florida.

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