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Toysmith Variety Toy Line



Toysmith is a company that strives to deliver fun to children and their families all over the world with brands and products they create and distribute. Are your children curious and adventurous by spirit? Are they interested in science and learning about all the amazing concepts of the world? My children are really into science experiments and learning about geology. I found that Toysmith offers what I am looking for in engaging my children’s minds with learning through play!


Crystal Growing Kit

My ten year old daughter absolutely loves growing crystals at home. She is constantly watching YouTube videos and researching articles on the web to see what is the latest and greatest in growing crystals. She mainly tries to grow her own but without the right ingredients, the crystals don’t blossom as much, so I decided to buy her a Crystal Growing Kit from Toysmith. With this kit, she can experiment and grow 7 of her own crystals! The crystals literally grow in front of your eyes.



What I love is that the kit comes with the right compounds to create the right materials to seed crystals into growing. There are 3 large bags of Mondammonium phosphate, and three small bags of the actual seeding mixtures.



The kit contains all the materials needed to perform seven different crystal growth experiments. It comes with the display bases and covers, stirring bowl, stirring spoon and detailed instructions. This is geared toward children ages ten and up, which is exactly what my ten year old is into right now. It is a fun way to show your child how beautiful crystals are and how complex they grow. There are a variety of colors in this kit so they can enjoy various kinds. This makes such a great gift for kids who love Crystal Growing.



Stegosaurus Dinosaur DNA Kit

I also have an 8 year old and she really loves to dig in the dirt and discover exciting things hidden inside it. She also loves dinosaurs! Toysmith carries a Stegosaurus Dinosaur DNA Excavation Kit which is exactly what my 8 year old is interested in. The kit allows kids to rebuild a life-sized dinosaur. It comes with the plaster block, a container for the DNA fragments, a set of glow dinosaur skeleton parts, digging tools, a brush, 2 playmates, soft wax and detailed instructions.


My 8 year old will be so excited to make videos of the adventure she has with her Stegosaurus Dinosaur DNA Excavation Kit. There is even a DincoCodes free mobile app where she can share her adventure with to all her friends.

Toysmith is really a company that offers a variety of toys for kids of all ages challenging their minds and imaginations.

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