Most homes have some kind of chore list for the interior part of their homes. It might not necessarily be written down on a colorful board but everyone knows the garbage goes out on Thursday. The outside, however, tends to fall through the scheduling cracks sometimes.


We cannot all be gardening fanatics but how the exterior of your home looks is quite important. Your interior design could be heavenly but what is the point of it if your picket fence is falling apart outside? Plus, you would be depriving yourself of all the fun ways you can use your outdoor space. For professional roof cleaning services in Orlando, consult Premier Roof Cleaning Inc and their expert team


There are many ways to reclaim your outdoors, here are a few of them.

Good Riddance




In order to get a sense of the changes that are necessary, you will first need to assess your property. Accumulated weeds, dead plants, and rotting fence poles are some common problem areas. You might also have some junk such as old bikes or outdated outdoor furniture. 


Now comes the part where you roll up your sleeves and clear it all up. Pull out the weeds, toss out the junk, and every other thing that adds no value. When it is all gone, mowing the grass will be much easier. 


Think of this exercise as the first step to starting over. It will give you a blank canvas to work with and transform it into something better. Consider recruiting your family for help and find ways to make it fun.


Every real estate agent worth their commission will tell you that good landscaping increases the value of your home. Remember that as you:

Fix Up the Garden



It is possible to have a beautiful low-maintenance garden. The trick is to know which plants to pick. You can get peonies or hydrangeas in resilient varieties that only need occasional pruning. They are colorful and will turn your lawn into the envy of the neighborhood. 


If your kitchen opens up into your backyard, a herb garden would be a priceless addition. You can plant herbs in troughs and the best part is that most of them can be planted together. Moreover, they will add a delightful scent to your surrounding atmosphere. 

Trim and Prune



Hedges are a great way to keep your home private. They look beautiful and are not as imposing as a fence, for instance. That said, an overgrown hedge is quite unsightly and can harbor pests and other creatures. Take time to trim your hedges and prune off any dead parts to prevent them from infecting healthier ones.


Pruning trees and shrubs are not just for purposes of beautification. When they are overgrown, they obstruct light to your home. So, prune away. You could also consider uprooting and transplanting large shrubs or trees that are too close to your house structure.




A good coat of paint is like botox for houses. It makes them look newer and way more attractive. However, you have to pick the right paint if you want the look to last. Additionally, if you have an outdoor fence, painting it with the right product will seal and protect the wood For more about house painting services, visit the experts at  However, if this still doesn't bring aesthetics and doesn't satisfy your eyes. You might consider buying a new fence that would bring up the beauty of your garden. Vist and take a look at, as they offer a wide range of fence designs from wood to metal that fit your style.

Experts recommend acrylic latex paint for outdoor painting. It is resilient to weather changes and easy to clean. You could also consider cement paint if your house is built of concrete walls. As you get to painting, it is important to:


  • Clean the surface first as dirt or peeled existing paint would affect the adherence of the new
  • Apply primer- it protects surfaces from moisture that damages the paint job
  • Choose the right tools; brushes and rollers work for wood but cement may require more sturdy options, the best painters in Jacksonville, FL know the best tools for outside house painting.

Outdoor Furniture

After all the work you have put in, you deserve to enjoy the results. What better way than to get some furniture and sit pretty in the sun? 

Hammocks, Swings, and Wicker



As with everything else that lives outdoors, your furniture has to be able to keep up with the weather. It might be summer when you buy but seasons change. 


If you are looking to buy seats, synthetic wicker is a great choice. Unlike natural wicker, it does not absorb water and get damaged as a result. Wrought iron and bamboo are also options you can explore. 


If you like a good swing or sway, hammocks and swings are go-to ideas. Plus, they add an element of fun to your backyard. Have them properly installed and preferably with safety measures for children.

A Gazebo




There are few options that will lend as much class to your backyard than a gazebo. It gives you an alcove to sit and enjoy the scented breeze of herbs and flowers. In addition, it shields your outdoor furniture from extreme weather.


You will have an easier time if you have it professionally installed as it can be rather tasking. However, there are some important basics of installation to keep in mind:


  • Consider the movement of the sun and wind direction and you choose where to install the gazebo
  • Ensure the holes for anchor piers are dug deep enough to provide stability
  • If concrete is to be used give it enough time to cure
  • If you would like to paint the structure or apply sealant, it is easier to do it before assembly


While lamps make for charming decor, they would likely get damaged by rain or broken by strong winds. Consider more durable options like cool neon flex RGB lights that are abrasion-proof and can withstand any weather. 


Aside from the aesthetic effect, giving the outside of your home a spruce up will improve your quality of life. You may find that being outdoors more often and enjoying the greenery can help you relax. Further, if you like to entertain, outdoor spaces are so much easier to host in. Red wine spilling on grass is less of a catastrophe than when it happens on a sofa.


You might be feeling overwhelmed by how much needs to get done. Rest easy, it does not have to all happen at once. You can come up with a schedule and chip away at it over a set period.


Enjoy the charm of the resplendent outdoors.


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