I love my Click and Carry. It makes carrying my grocery bags easy. I even use it to transport my groceries from the basket into my car. Then from the car to the kitchen and even when putting the groceries away. If like items are in one bag and they go in the same place I will use my Click and Carry to take my groceries to the pantry or wherever they go.  I have also, recently developed tennis elbow and the Click and Carry takes the weight or at least some of the weight off my arms. I can put the Click and Carry on my shoulders and not have to carry so many bags in my hands and on my arms.

My kids help with the groceries also and for my youngest, especially, it is easier using the Click and Carry than with his bare hands and arms. I know I definitely will be recommending this to all my friends and family and will be very proud to tell others about it.



With Click & Carry, you can gather and carry multiple bags at once — COMFORTABLY! You can hold Click & Carry in your hand, or you can wear it over your shoulder to be hands-free. Whether you’re dragging in your weekly groceries, bringing in 8 gallons of paint or hauling your ski boots to the mountain, you will love Click & Carry.

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