My Tidy Car is a duo car trash can and cooler bag in one. I love that it can hold up to 3 gallons and fits easily into my car and can be installed and removed so easily. I usually have to use a grocery bag for a trash can. I love this bag. And another thing is that it is spill proof, which with my 3 kids that is a life saver.  It also has a lifetime guarantee which in this family is a very good thing. I know how rough my kids can get, especially the boys. And my house is like the Bermuda Triangle or something. Things come in but they don't come out. And if they do they are never in the same condition. I really like that it has a lid that closes to conceal all the trash and hides any odors from all the trash. It can also be used as a storage bag for clothes, toys, drinks or important documents. It is cool proof to store drinks and water and it has as spring frame closure to keep your drinks cool for a long time.




It is constructed with a high quality durable materials, it has sealed seams that allow it to be leak proof and control odor. I absolutely love when I can recommend products to all my friends, especially my mommy friends and all my family. I will definitely be buying more of these bags for my other vehicle and to give as gifts to everyone I know. I really like when I find something that I like and am proud to let others know about it. Being a mom and on the run all the time I especially love the things that I can use in the car and can do double if not triple duty so I don't have to go out and buy several things to do the job of one.

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