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Travel Light With Your Liquor

When you travel and are on vacation, do you love to have a few drinks and they add up fast? bringing your own wine and drinks. can often break leaving you a complete mess. What can you do, is there a safer way to carry these without, bringing the whole bottle with you. There is and it is called TSK-Kit and what it is, are glass bottles and plastic bottles tiny enough to take with you in your carry-on bags.

The one thing about these bottles is they are allowed on the plane and meet all regulations. Carry them in your carry-on bag with no issues at all.Whineware to provide travelers with quality travel kits to carry liquor. The water resistant, durable bags hold glass bottles (glass maintains the integrity of liquor), and meet TSA Homeland Security regulations. Each kit holds five bottles – perfect for pre- and in-flight drinks.I’m excited to share this resourceful product with travelers, and look forward to sharing a drink with them at the airport.

Did you know that you could take your own liquor on a plane and in the airport, I sure did not till I heard about these bottles. Now, whenever you go someplace, you can load these up with what you like and your good to go. No more waiting to be served or paying a high price for a drink that leaves you broke before you even leave the airport.

Each Flask Kit holds 500 ml of your favorite drink, that’s almost 75% of your standard liquor bottle! Perfect for a coast to coast flights, or abroad!


Another great thing they can be used over and over again, Fly happy knowing you’re saving the cost of a $10 in-flight drink. Words from the owner. After getting a little bit older, and I hope a tad bit classier, I became tired of using zip-lock bags and trying to remember which bottles I used for shampoo, and which were for whiskey.  Now you can save money and time, get these for your next trip and you will be happy you did.


What is your favorite drink?