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Time flies when you're on an adventure of a lifetime. It seemed like you were ticking items off your 20s bucket list only yesterday. Today you're older and wiser. With more life experience and less energy for party-centric vacation destinations, your 30s allow you to enjoy travels that provide the ideal blend of authentic cultural encounters, adventure, and thrill. Each trip offers numerous opportunities to experience the world and yourself as you start on journeys with more self-assurance and, most likely, more disposable income. 

Whether you're traveling alone, as a couple, or with your family, this article is the perfect place to browse some of the best travel destinations in your 30s, so sit down and think about them for when you can travel again.

12 Travel Destinations to go in your 30s

By the time you hit your 30s, you've pretty much figured out who you are, what you like, and where you want to go.

Whether you're an experienced world traveler or desire to be one, now is the time to spend a little more time and money on moving out of your comfort zone and awakening your senses. Here are 30 travels that give the right blend of excitement, mystery, adventure, luxury, and, most importantly, fun!

#1. Costa Rica

In your twenties, cheap alcohol and top-notch swells lured you to Costa Rica. Visit the adults-only Oxygen Jungle Villas to enjoy some of the nation's more sophisticated delights, such as its breathtaking natural landscape, creative food, and wellness-focused attractions. You definitely feel like you are living in the wild at the boutique hotel, which is tucked away on a protected Costa Rican rainforest plot and perched above the Pacific Ocean. Your days will be spent relaxing in your Balinese-style villa, going on many outdoor adventures such as hiking, whale-watching, scuba diving, and discovering the eateries and shops in the nearby town of Ojochal.

#2. Israel

As a young adult, Israel offers everything you could possibly desire in a foreign destination. If you want to have fun, there are numerous cities and towns to pick from, each with terrific nightlife and mouthwatering cuisine. Also, by going to areas like the shuk, you can experience the real Middle East, a popular outdoor marketplace. 

Israel offers fantastic hikes and beaches if you want to view stunning scenery. You can also visit the Dead Sea, which is renowned for being the lowest spot below sea level or view other historic structures having religious significance to many, like the Western Wall and Temple Mount. 

Israel is unmatched if you want to enjoy a memorable trip and learn about other cultures and historical periods. Explore Jerusalem's Old City, go to Nazareth, where Jesus was born, offer prayers at the Western Wall or Temple Mount, and so much more. Whatever you choose will undoubtedly broaden your thinking in ways you never imagined.

#3. Vail, Colorado

There is no better place to level up your game or learn to ski than in your 30s, and Vail is the ideal location for both. The alpine town is both a fashionable vacation spot and the place of some of North America's best off-piste and on-piste skiing. Come here to test your skiing or snowboarding skills or take a lesson to improve. Even if you feel like you already know everything in your 30s, learning new things is never too late. Just be sure to reserve a hotel with a spa like the Sebastian Vail if you want to treat yourself to a massage after skiing.

#4. Seville, Spain

Spain's 10 o'clock curfew is well-known. Restaurants and nightlife that lasts all night. However, you don't need the same level of endurance you did in your 20s to enjoy an amazing time there in your 30s. Take Seville, located in the country's south, where you can enjoy delectable tapas, siestas in the afternoon, cortados at sidewalk cafés, and the laid-back lifestyle characteristic of Spanish culture. A meal at the elegant San Fernando Restaurante at the Hotel Alfonso XIII, where you can chow down on Andalusian fares like Iberian pork cheek with paprika and garlic, is a must. 

It would be best if you also took a stroll along the 16th-century Alameda de Hercules, which has a fresh market, jazz bars, and outdoor cafes. Sleep well at the lovely 18th-century townhouse Hotel Hospes Las Casas del Rey de Baeza, which features courtyards bathed in sunlight and a rooftop terrace with a pool.

#5. Thailand

Thailand offers a fantastic blend of culture, beach life, and wild nightlife. It's excellent for those who still like to party like we're in our early 20s and is enjoyed by backpackers and couples. People swarm to the ” Koh Phangan party island every month for the Full Moon Party. On the other hand, as we age and get wiser, we desire to become more sophisticated. Thailand is ideal for culture because it has so many Buddhist temples, in addition to its delectable cuisine. Thailand has some of the purest waters in the world. It is bordered by limestone cliffs that protrude into the lake, making it a popular tourist destination from November to February.

#6. Big Sky, Montana

Look no further than Big Sky if you need a year-round getaway location to add to your decade of travel. Visitors can embark on hiking and biking excursions on the trails during the summer and fall, searching for views that will be permanently seared into their memories as they watch the leaves change. It is a skiing resort with amazingly soft snow in the winter and well into spring. The 100-year-old Lone Mountain Ranch offers eating by candlelight and night skiing with a headlamp, among other uncommon experiences. Even a brand-new Montage, Big Sky hotel, is available if you want to stay in luxury.

#7. South Korea

In South Korea, many activities are available, including K-Pop dance classes, K-Drama viewing in private video rooms, singing karaoke, eating and drinking with friends, and touring some of the country's most stunning temples. Korea is the ideal destination for a 30-year-old because you may have had a little more travel experience, and Koreans tend to be reserved when speaking English. Enjoy the best cafes in Korea, including Dog Cafes, Flower Cafes, and more.

With roughly 19 subway lines and more to get you from point A to point B, moving around Seoul is a pretty simple affair. Download the subway map app if you wish to take the subway. The map is user-friendly and updated frequently. You may travel beyond Seoul thanks to the train from Seoul to Busan. You can explore the streets of Gangnam, the major tourist destinations of Hongdae and Itaewon, and less well-known locales. 

#8. Hawaii

There is no better spot than Kauai to get away from it all and lose yourself in the beauty and quiet of your tropical surroundings. If you're not traveling with children, head to Mau, specifically Wailea's glamorous, family-friendly enclave. The St. Regis Princeville offers the height of luxury lodgings, set on a cliff overlooking Hanalei Bay and the renowned Na Pali Coast and equipped with an 11,000-square-foot spa and a Jean-Georges Vongerichten restaurant.

#9. Singapore

You should add this place to your list of 12 places to see before you turn 30. Even if you still go there in your 20s, you might appreciate it more by the time you're in your 30s. Singapore may be an expensive destination with its upscale restaurants, stunning skylines, and luxurious skyrises. The great hawker centers, where you can get some of the most amazing foods for a bargain, make it easy to eat well on a budget.

Singapore is a fantastic destination because of its cutting-edge technology and methods for producing lovely, environmentally sustainable magic patterns, as seen at the supertree groves. In addition, they have built numerous enchanted biodomes where you can explore various flora and climates, like the cloud forest.

#10. Kyoto, Japan

It's time to tackle Japan. Kyoto, the nation's historic capital, is home to elaborate Buddhist temples, Zen gardens, teahouses, and geishas. You can't go wrong whether you go halfway up Mt. Otowa to the historic Kiyomizu-Dera temple for sweeping views of the city. Wander through a surreal sea of green at the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove or snake between the torii (shrine gates) at the famous Fushimi-Inari-Taisha.

#11. Philippines

What more has to say about the Philippines that hasn't already been said? If you've been to Thailand, the Philippines will feel familiar. We prefer the Philippines to Thailand because there are fewer visitors to the beaches. However, you will see more tourists in locations like Cebu or Boracay, which are more populated by people. Even being able to hang out with locals and undeveloped sandy beaches is wonderful. One of the friendliest individuals in the world is a Filipino. Many items in the Philippines are inexpensive, including food, drink, and tourist destinations.

The Philippines has some of the best waterfalls around. The Philippines' best feature is its year-round warmth. Because of this, it is ideal for travel throughout the year. In the Philippines, events don't always follow a set timetable, so you have to go with the flow. You operate on Filipino time, as they say.

#12. Amsterdam, Netherlands

With its countless cheap hostels, delicious street cuisine along the canals, and the allure of the notorious Red Light District, Amsterdam is a must-see. With the beauty of the Van Gogh Museum, the sad history of the Anne Frank house, and the cutting-edge art of Stedelijk, you may devote some time to fully immersing yourself in the history of the city's 17th-century Golden Age. Rent bikes and explore the city like a local for an enjoyable experience with your vacation companion.


Your 30s are a decade of rapid personal development. You now better understand yourself and your goals than in the previous decade. If you're lucky, you now have a career (whether freelancing, full-time or otherwise) that enables you to have some extra cash and at least a few additional vacation days. Use your time to visit these 12 places; before you turn 30, you'll have seen the world's best.

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