Traveling for Your Health: Where, How, and Why

Taking a trip is always a great way to get away from the stresses of daily life and explore new places. But what if your doctor tells you that you need to take a vacation for your health. Decades ago, people were advised to live in dry climates when they came down with particular forms of respiratory ailments. Today, physicians are more apt to recommend patients take time off to relieve the effects of stress.

Whatever the reason, if you ever get an official medical order to relax and take it easy for a few weeks, or if you decide on your own that it's time for a break, where should you go? What should you do? Thinking ahead can save a lot of trouble because necessary travel can involve multiple expenses and plenty of planning. How do people pay for longer trips off the beaten path, and what are the best kinds of excursions to take when recovering from surgery or when you just need some quiet days away from the rigors of routine life? The following suggestions are a good place to begin.


Don't leave the question of payment until the last minute. Consider having a plan for a needed getaway. The ideal technique is to apply for a personal loan to pay for most or all the associated expenses. As soon as you know you need to travel, take out a loan so you can take advantage of early-bird discounts on things like airfare, lodging, and special tours. By being able to pay all at once, it's usually possible to snag major bargains on some of the most popular kinds of health-related travel, like mountain retreat weekends, beach vacations, and ocean cruises.

Best Destinations

Everyone's reason for seeking time away from the daily routine is different, but there are several can't-miss destinations that appear on countless lists of favorites. They include the Grand Canyon and the national park surrounding it, beach destinations in places like the Florida Keys and the Bahamas, remote cabin lodgings in Canada, the Rocky Mountains, and South America, and river cruises down the Missouri, Amazon, or Nile.


Besides having a great time, what do people get from health-based travel? For some, the whole point is temporarily living a secluded life away from crowds, cities, noise, and pollution. For others, the main attraction is having no responsibilities and enjoying at least a few days or weeks of minimal physical activity. Going to the mountains or beach can be the perfect way to recharge mental and emotional batteries and adjust your attitude in a number of ways. When you are preparing for travel, don’t forget to prepare your mind for what’s to come as well. 


If your doctor suggests a trip, be sure to follow their orders about the kinds of activities to do or avoid. For self-directed getaways, consider relaxing by simply taking it easy, fishing, and going for walks in the woods. Some travelers seek lodging where they can get massages and spa treatments on-site, enjoy bus tours, take group hikes, swim in the ocean, or take in scenic views from a mountain cabin. Focus on whatever brings the deepest sense of serenity and relief to you, and aim to spend at least two full weeks away from the rigors of ordinary life.

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