If you check the luggage carousel every time you travel, you can see that almost 80% of the bags are black in color and similar in shapes and sizes. With these similarities in travel bags, it’s easy to confuse another passenger’s bag as your own.

To avoid this mistake and improve your traveling style, personalize your luggage or invest in vintage luggage sets. With personalized luggage, it’s easier to pick your bag on the tarmac or the luggage carousel. 


Here are more tips on how you can make your travel luggage stand out in the sea of travelers. 


Invest in a vintage luggage set or a bold and colorful travel bag. 


The good thing about vintage luggage is that it’s rare to see another person having the same design and style. If you’re in a busy airport, it’s easy to spot your luggage the moment it comes out of the carousel. 


You can also try luggage sets in bold colors. The fastest way to find your bag is to avoid traveling with a drab suitcase. Suitcases with bright colors and high in style are easily spotted even if the arrival line is five people deep.


Give up the usual neutral colors and go for sky blue, blush pink, or bright green suitcases. If you want a more personalized touch, you can even add a monogram to your luggage. A mint green luggage, for example, is best monogrammed with different colors and fonts. 


Put on a Stylish Luggage Tag 


If you do not want your luggage to be in bold color, you can opt for smaller statement pieces like a luggage tag. Luggage tags are easy fixes for this type of problem. You can get them from souvenir shops across the country. 


Put your name, address, and phone number on the tag just in case your suitcase gets lost. Your luggage tag is the pop of color that can help you identify it quickly. To complement your vintage luggage sets, go for retro-travel luggage tag themes. If you want to stay true to your traveling nomad nature, go for world maps as a luggage tag. If you want to be playful, you can always go for the unicorn-inspired luggage tags. 


Secure Your Suitcase with a signature luggage belt


Despite being considered as an overlooked luggage accessory, luggage belts can perform multiple travel duties. This budget-friendly travel accessory can personalize your luggage and even add a splash of color to it. Aside from that, it can hold your suitcase securely, even more so if you have over-packed. 


Luggage belts also come in different styles and designs. Classic travel straps in multi-language design will surely make you say hello to your suitcase in different languages after a very long flight. Travel straps with a bright world-map design are an accurate representation of every traveler’s wandering nature.


There are many ways on how you can travel in style. People used to say that “comfort should always come first before style.” Then again, no one said you cannot achieve comfort and style at the same time. If you only know what works best for you, you can always figure a way not to compromise one over the other. 


These tips, for instance, are not only style-worthy but are also comfortable and easy to follow. With a stylish and stand-out statement piece or luggage, you can always travel in style. 


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