Traveling To A Risky Destination- The Ultimate Safety Checklist

If you are an outdoor lover, you will probably want to introduce your kids to the thrill of the wild at some point. It makes sense to take them for their first family hunting tour when they are old enough to handle the rigors of the experience and enjoy the excitement it offers. But it also requires good planning as the leader because you will want your family to have a safe and memorable experience. Fortunately, planning a family hunting trip isn’t as daunting as it sounds. Follow these safety rules, and you are good to go. 


The first and perhaps the most significant thing on your checklist is information about the destination. Start with research about the destination, which is easily possible with the internet offering all information you need. Check the danger areas, crime statistics, and safety tips from people who have been there. Some countries allow you to carry a bullet proof vest legally even as a tourist, so read about the local laws. If the place is really dangerous, ballistic protection keeps you on the safe side.

Document copies

Apart from covering physical risks, it is vital to address the threats of losing your documents in an unknown place. It becomes a bigger concern if you are traveling abroad. Have copies of your passport, driving license, travel insurance, and health documents. It is best to have scanned copies in your phone along with hard copies of documents. Even if something goes amiss, you need not worry about getting into a fix.

Local contact numbers 

Having local contact numbers is vital when you travel to a risky place because you will know where to get help when in trouble. Write down the contact details of the local police and your hotel on a piece of paper. Save them on your phone as well. Note details of your local embassy if traveling to another country. Share these contacts with friends and family back home so that they can get in touch when they need to.

Safety essentials

Safety essentials definitely deserve a place on your safety checklist. If you are on a tactical mission, ballistic protection should be on top of the list. You must read more about bullet proof vest if you are a first-time buyer because you will need a perfect one that offers sufficient protection. Check the local laws and airline rules, and you may carry gear like a stun gun and pepper spray for extra safety. Remember that you only need to have them for defense rather than attack.

Common sense

You cannot forget common sense every time you travel, though you will need it even more if going to a risky place. Follow the basic rules such as choosing a safe accommodation, avoiding dangerous areas, staying in during odd hours, and not befriending strangers. Also, be alert at all times and listen to your instincts. Taking self-defense training gives you an upper hand with personal safety.

Being safe at a risky destination takes some smart thinking, but it is doable if you are prepared. This ultimate safety checklist covers you to a significant extent, so follow it and stay safe.

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