Laptop bag

Are you looking for a new way to tote around your laptop? Or, are you looking for a laptop bag as a gift for mom for Mother's Day? If so, take a look at Moonster!

Laptop bag

Moonster For Quality Leather Laptop Bags

I received Moonster's Genuine Leather Portfolio Folder and Laptop Bag. And, I have to say it truly is a gorgeous bag! It's handmade and hand-stitched and made with real, soft, beautiful, buffalo leather. And, according to their product description on Amazon, since each laptop bag is handmade, no two bags are the same—so they are truly unique!

The Moonster Laptop Bag provides an elegant and fashionable way to carry your laptop (or other belongings). The leather provides a look that's quite versatile—it looks good with a business suit and casual weekend wear. And, the bag measures big enough to hold a 17” laptop. I was able to fit my laptop and there was still room to fit more items.

Laptop Bag

This bag is strapless and comes with two sets of sturdy snap closures for extra adjustability.

Laptop Bag

A Purchase from Moonster Goes  A Long Way

Moonster is a small, family-run business. And, one of their main suppliers is also a small, family-run business in India, which, according to the Moonster website, also supports local artisans. So, when you make a purchase from Moonster, you're supporting various small businesses! And, the support doesn't end there. When you make a purchase from Moonster, a percentage of their profits goes to “Tehila, a charitable Trust based in Zambia, Africa which works to promote the protection of children and the prevention of child cruelty and abuse” (taken from Moonster's website).

I highly recommend you check out Moonster. They have some great products that I think many mothers would love to receive as gifts! They sell beautiful handmade leather products for all sorts of purposes, including journals, bags, and even a pill case! The laptop featured in this post can be found on Amazon. So check them out to see if they have something for mom or an upcoming graduate! And, happy Mother's Day to the mothers out there!

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Laptop bag

Moonster – Maker of Beautiful, Quality, Leather Laptop Bags

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