Wool mice and Grandma Lucys are the best for our pets



Our cats love all of their toys, they have so many but when I saw these mice I knew I wanted to get them some. These are Upcycled wool catnip mice and they love it, they are all fighting over who will get it and play with it first. Lilac Hill Designs gave us a chance to try one and we love it.


The best-dressed catnip mice around! Our catnip mice are made of the same up-cycled wool featured in all of our cross-body bags, totes, and clutches. Kitty should not be left out! The wool catnip mice are filled with fiber and premium catnip! Mice feature a braided jute tail for extra fun.

This is perfect for those pet moms and dads who want to get their cats something they can have hours of fun with. Our cats all take turns and you see them throwing it in the air, and chasing it  Upcycled wool catnip mice will be your cat’s favorite toy! Cat-tested and approved. Available singly or in a set of three. Makes a wonderful stocking stuffer for the holidays 0r treat for your favorite feline-lover.




What about the dogs we have to make sure they have the best in treats, something thats not only heathier but organic too. Thats where Grandma Lucys come in, they have 100 percent USDA-Certified Organic and Certified Kosher. Since they are made from the highest quality, human-grade organic ingredients –they are tasty for both pets and pet parents!

Our dogs go crazy for them, they sit and wait when they hear the bag, we rather give them something thats good for them and just as healthy, after all, they are all our fur babies. Thye are oven-baked dog treats are certified organic by Quality Assurance International.

We believe that pet parents should know what they feed their pets, so we have a strict GMO-Free policy. Grandma Lucy's believes in GMO-Free, natural ingredients. Genetically Modified Foods increase the risk of food based allergies.


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