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Thanksgiving is a time we are thankful for all and come together to celebrate. However, we can’t forget about the other members of our family: our pets. Our dogs mean the whole world to us , and we are very thankful for each and every one of them. They are the ones who are there and listen and kiss way your tears.

We are very thankful for our Pug Bella she can always make you smile when you feel like crying, nothing like unconditional love of your dog. She’s been a joy in our lives since we first met her so of course she’s a part of our family. She rarely eats table food but we do love to give her treats occasionally that are good for her and that she loves.




When the dogs go out and come back in there is a treat jar on the counter and they know that's where they can go for a treat, there are so many ideas and ways to make them their own, from little name tags to Christmas time their stockings. All with the favorite treats they love so much.'

The month of November is Big Heart Brands and they invite you , as well as anyone else to come join in the celebration all over the world,Being a [et lover we love to celebrate with those special animals close to our hearts Created for the purpose of nurturing the bond between pets and the people, the #TreatThePups page on Walmart offers creative crafts and other fun ideas to help you include your pet this Fall.


With the holidays coming up and Thanksgiving right around the corner, we look to try to do special little things for them. To let them know we are very thankful for them, and I love to make them a treat plate , while all of us are eating turkey they have their treats, from their  to stockings at Christmas.


My favorite Big Heart Pet Brands ® products are of course Milk Bones snacks and Pup-Peroni Beef flavor dog snacks. The bigger dogs love the big milk bones and Bella loves her beef sticks, my sister has the little peekaboo who we get the tiny dog bones for, they have an issue eating the bigger ones.



I love the easy DIY craft ideas on Big Heart Pet Brands® #TreatThePups page. Make your Fur Babies feel special this Holiday by creating your own cool DIY gifts that include Big Heart Pet Brands products. On the Big Heart Pet Brands ® #TreatThePups page, you’ll also find some great videos about how to “Include Your Pup” this holiday season. The video stars Mishka the Talking Husky!



This year I want to make them something special  The  Thanksgiving Treats   jar  found on the Big Heart Pet Brands® #TreatThePups Page. It's really cute and since all the fur babies know there is jar there why not make it extra special for them.  Fill it with ,ilk bones and pup-peroni and some grillers. Add Thanksgiving treats and little dogs all over it. When they hear that open they will come running.

What would you do to include your babies in your holiday?

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