If you’re a homeowner, planting trees will hugely improve the value of your home. From the visually appealing aspect of it to creating shade which lowers the costs of the home, it’s a good investment all around. However, while trees are very resilient and they don’t need much care overall, it doesn’t mean you can set them and forget them. Especially right after they’re planted, they will need care and attention to make sure they grow tall and strong. Hire the services of tree trimming company Omaha as, throughout their life, they will need maintenance every now and then to remain not only healthy but safe for the environment.   So let’s take a look at some tips that every homeowner should know about taking care of their tree service people to come out and get the job done. 


Like all things that grow, trees sometimes need to be trimmed. This can happen for several reasons:

New branches

Depending on the type of tree, new branches might not be able to grow until old and dead ones are removed, so while you might feel like you’re cutting off a big chunk of the tree, you’re actually helping it grow taller and more beautiful.


Trees have a head of their own, and they might not want to grow the way we want them to. They might sway to one side or go very wide without getting much height, and in situations like those, it’s important to trim them down and force them into a shape that suits your needs, not only for landscaping purposes but so that you avoid any potential damage to the surrounding area. Getting the help you need is as easy as getting tree removal services so that they can help you. 

Protecting Property

If a tree grows too tall or comes too close to a home, it can cause some serious damage. If a storm blows, it can cause a branch to break loose or just swing it into a window hard enough to smash it. The professionals of A&J Tree Service suggest hiring professionals to do a job of cutting down or trimming such trees because doing it yourself or having it done by someone who isn’t professional can cause additional damage. The professionals you hire should be the ones with the liability in case damage happens in the process of trimming or removing the tree.

Test the soil

If you see that your trees aren’t as lively as you’d like them to be, it might be because of the quality of the soil. A wrong pH balance could be a culprit, but it can also be because of substances in the soil that aren’t natural for the tree you’re planting. Soil is different across the world, so if you’ve imported a tree that isn’t used to the specific minerals in the soil, it might stagnate. You can get the soil professionally tested, but this will cost upwards of several hundred dollars, so you might want to first get a DIY kit and see if you can spot something for yourself.

Water Young Trees

As we mentioned, old trees are pretty self-sufficient, because their roots run deep and they can draw a lot of water from the deep underground water sources in the earth. However, young trees that are just planted will need your help to survive, so if it’s not raining – make it rain. Young trees need a lot more water than you might think, and unlike potted plants, you literally can’t overdo it. Any excess water will just be absorbed by the earth around them, so don’t be afraid to pour a lot of water. 

Pests and Disease

The biggest threat to a tree will always be some sort of pest. If we’re talking insects, they can easily eat through the tree and besides being very unpleasant to look at – weaken or even kill the tree. On the other hand, the most common type of disease is fungi, especially on the roots. Both of these can be extremely dangerous if they weaken the roots because the tree could topple over and cause serious damage or injury. Treat any kind of disease or pests as soon as you notice it to make sure it doesn’t escalate. You can get pesticides and anti-fungal medication for your tree in a local gardening store and see if that can fix the issue before turning to the pros.

Trees are one of the most ideal plants you can put in your garden, because they add so much beauty and value to your home, without asking for too much maintenance. They are ideal for people who want a beautiful garden, but aren’t that into gardening, because most of this maintenance work is only done once in a few months at most.

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