Trick Your Kids Into Brushing Their Teeth By Letting Them Play Games At The Same Time!

After reading that strange title, you're probably wondering how the heck they can do both brushing and playing.  I promise, they can!  Instead of arguing with little ones to brush for the allotted amount of time, or do it at all, trick them with this.  BriteBrush has the most amazing kids' toothbrushes available out there.  They won't just go in the bathroom and brush then leave.  You'll hear lots of fun and playing while they brush.  I know that's something I'd rather hear, how about you?  BriteBrush sent me GameBrush – The Smart Kids Toothbrush and BriteBrush Interactive Smart Toothbrush Featuring Baby Shark.  Now, let me just say that baby shark is my youngest granddaughter's favorite song, ever!  They both loved these toothbrushes, not only for the games but also because they're battery-powered!

A Trick Isn't Always Bad

Sometimes we do things for our children that seem strange, but it will help them in the long run.  This “trick” is one of those. I mean, it certainly doesn't hurt anyone, right?  They don't know any better, they just think they're having fun.  But all the while, we know that they're being taught how to properly brush their teeth.  What a sneaky trick, but this one happens to be good.  Kids will always fight us on those things that must be done, but it's just in their nature.  This is one off of the list that doesn't have to be hard anymore.  What a great gift, huh?  Speaking of gifts, if you have a last-minute one to get or a stocking stuffer, this is perfect!

BriteBrush Has Thought Of Everything

When you purchase your own kits, you'll receive the main battery-powered kid's toothbrush, of course.  It also comes with 2 replaceable soft brush heads.  The baby shark toothbrush is for ages 3 and up and they'll love it!  The GameBrush includes the same except it is for ages 5 and up.  Both of these amazing toothbrushes have smart sensors to tell parents if they've brushed long enough.  There are also games and songs, but that's not all.  They progress in the game and get more points when they brush properly.  There's even a coaching feature that helps them brush better if needed.  Not only that but also haptic feedback and parents check light to let you know how they've done.

BriteBrush is available at Amazon, Walmart, and Target.  However, if you're interested, you can click on the links in this post to take you straight to the website.  The holidays are close, so if you're looking for that one last gift or stocking stuffer, look no further!

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