I love playing games. Especially now with the epidemic, playing games with the family is a wonderful way to lessen the stress these days. One game that is a great way to bring on the laughs, tons of fun, and some stress relief is Poppycock! by Clarendon Games.  


How Do You Play?

To play, a person asks the player a trivia question from one of 5 categories (“The World,” “Sport and Leisure,” “Popular Culture,” “Science and Nature,” and “Humanities”).  The player can choose to pass or say they know the answer and place a bet.

When he/she says they know the answer, the other players can say, “Poppycock!” if they don't believe the player knows the answer or, “Persuaded!” if they believe the player does know the answer.

When the others all shout, “Persuaded!” the player gets to move. However, if one or more yelled, “Poppycock!” the player must then reveal their answer. If the player is correct, that person moves according to their bet and the other Poppycocker players move backwards the same number of spaces. Persuaded players don't move. If the player was incorrect, that player moves backwards. Those that yelled, “Poppycock!” move forward and “Persuaded” stay put. The first one to get to the “Finish” tooth wins the game.

Fake It To Make It To The End

Well, you don't have to fake it the whole time. But, you can if you want to. And, the element of bluffing is what makes this game super fun. You can pretend and act like you know the answer and bet on yourself being able to convince others. The tricky part is holding a straight face and stopping yourself from bursting out laughing. The other cool thing about this game is that it is educational! So, you can have fun and learn, while having a good time and creating fun memories.  

As for the trivia questions, they are fun and contain a nice variety. Some are more difficult than others. They also come with multiple choice, which I like because it's less frustrating that way (you don't have to be a trivia geek to do okay). But, remember, you also don't have to know the answers to win—and that's the beauty of this game!  


Poppycock is for players 10+ years of age. You can purchase it from Clarendon Games.  Poppycock! would make a wonderful gift for many, providing hours of fun! 

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Holidays are coming up soon and Poppycock! makes for an excellent gift idea!! It's fun and has a few extra twists that make it different from your traditional trivia games. 

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