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The first and most unique of it's kind, The Tropic Spa Home Mist Tanning System, a revolutionary new way to obtain a beautiful, and healthy summer glow without the risk of damage caused by being out in the sun or use of a UV tanning bed. The easiest and simplest way to get your before summer tan and stay nice and tanned throughout the winter. Moreover, tanning lamps can be another great consideration in this regard.

The Tropic Spa Home Mist Tanning System is engineered and designed to deliver multiple tans on a single charge. Its attractive cordless design allows the unit to be used in multiple locations. Tan refill kits can be changed with ease in less than 5 minutes. Kit changeover requires no tools based on our unique design the lightweight durable plastic construction and compact size will provide years of carefree use. The system comes fully assembled, and requires about three to four hours to fully charge and you’re ready to mist.

Tropic Spa’s solution coupled with their patented delivery system makes it the most versatile full body tanning system in the market. One of the main ingredients in the Tropic Spa's solution is DHA, [Dihydroxyacetone] which is derived from plant sources such as sugar beets and sugar cane. Tropic Spa's formulated tanning solution contains ingredients that helps to moisturizer and condition your skin. One of the units unique features is the built in electronic timer. It emits an audible tone that lets the user know their orientation when turning along with other vital information. Each tan delivers an exact amount of tanning solution that covers the entire body in a 12 second application. Over spray is minimal or nonexistent.

Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries allows for maximum power and recharges in 2 to 4 hrs. Our unique adjustable hanger allows for easy user height adjustment. Audible tones built into the electronics provides vital user information. Our kits will deliver 10 full body tans and comes complete with all the required accessories needed. Refill kits changeover takes less than 5 minutes and empty cans are disposed of in your recycle bin.

The Tropic Spa tanning solution is supplied in a kit form. The solution is packaged into specially designed cosmetic bladders, which is then housed into aerosol cans. This bag on valve technology allows 100% pure tanning solution to be dispensed with no cross contamination of propellants or any other material. The kit contains user DVD, exfoliating materials, head and foot covers, gloves and touch up solution. Tropic Spa gives you a beautiful and natural looking tan. The tan gradually develops over 5 to 8 hours and will last five to eight days with proper skin care and moisturizing. With regular weekly use you can have a gorgeous Tropic Spa tan year round.

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