Two of my neices are about to give birth , as I write this one of them have already had a little girl. . When I was searching and looking I can upon a table tubby, it's a great toy for him to take in his bath time. This table has everything and will make any kids bath time a fun time

Educational Bath Toy for Toddlers. Children and parents love this innovative and educational play surface that suctions in the middle of the tub, giving kids a sturdy & safe place surface while keeping water and toys inside the tub! Developed for children by moms with twins, the Tubby Table engages children ages 14 months & up with 5 multi-colored, numbered and shaped cups, a surface to play on and hours of endless fun. The Tubby Table also ships with a non-slip bath mat and has an adjustable pedestal leg to raise the table as your child grows. Table and mat have suction cups that secure to smooth-surfaced bathtubs.


The large table top has holes all over for water play , shaped holes for play with matching cups for matching and fine motor skills, and smooth, rounded edges for safety. It is bright and has several different options for play I love to sneak in learning any time I can and this table is good for several learning activities. They can use their own toys on the table or Tubby Table also offers a set with zoo animals or vehicles.



The seat is padded, waterproof, and also has suction cups to keep it from slipping in the bathtub. Love the fact that it's a toy for a bath, and the kids wont slip in the tub when using this. This would be a great idea for a Christmas Gift. The Tubby Table is very sturdy and you don't have to worry about it tipping over if your child or toddler leans against it

Cant wait for them both to be old enough to have a bath time and play with the table.

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