The best thing about working out is when you can have more control over your footing and not slip and fall due to poor socks. I want to wear socks where my heels are covered but the area where I put pressure exposed. That is my toes! I want my toes free to stretch and press without being constricted. It’s hard to find great socks that work for what I need when I work out. Luckily I have found Tucketts. They are a wonderful company who have designed some pretty awesome socks. Socks that actually are opened toe!

Provides Comfort and Stability

When you are an avid health fitness person, and you do activities such as pilates, yoga, barre or aerial arts, you can understand that you are only as good as your gear. Tucketts know how frustrating it can be to have to use socks where you painstakingly have to insert your toes in each part one at a time. It’s rather annoying! Sometimes those socks can cost a fortune too and they don’t even provide the level of comfort you wish you had. Having Tucketts toeless socks is perfect, because you can put socks on in no time and go to doing the exercises you love right away.

My favorite aspect of Tucketts socks beside the open toe is the treads on the underside. They work so well so I don’t accidentally lose balance and fall. It’s important to have grips on socks when you are moving so much, so you don’t get hurt. The durability and stitching is very high end. I can wash my socks over and over and there is no fraying or over stretching. I love the two pairs I have and I plan on getting more.

Since the holidays is coming up, I know a few of my lady friends who would enjoy a Tucketts holiday foot care gift set. Tucketts is amazing in what they have to offer, because there is a design for just about anyone. There is even the closed toe socks. But I like my open toe Allegro socks the most. They help me retain the sensation in my footing so I can stand stable when I dance or stretch. My soles stay absolute clean so I don’t have to worry about spending extra time scrubbing grime off my feet. There is no sweaty odor smell, as the socks are made from high quality cotton.

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