Last week I received news via email from a grandaunt who lives in Canada. She is married with 2 children and is a happy grandma of 3 grandkids. She is in her mid-fifties. In the email, she shared about the successful surgery that she went through and is now proud to show off her trimmed tummy and waistline She confessed that at one time she thought of doing a liposuction but had no courage to do it. Life has been good for her but she missed wearing hugging t-shirts and jeans minus her embarrassing tummy bulge.
One day, someone in her women’s group shared a success story of her liposuction surgery in one of their meetings. She talked to the person after the meeting and on her own did some research on the clinic, doctor and read the reviews of patients through Medical Departures on liposuction in Mexico. This clinic is highly recommended and flying to Mexico plus the cost of the surgery is still much cheaper than to have it done in Canada. Medical Departure has a list of pre-checked qualified doctors. After she was assured that the doctor is fully qualified, experienced and with good track records, she then booked an appointment with the clinic. She then flew over to Mexico with her husband

She presented herself at the clinic and she was checked over by the doctor and the necessary treatment was discussed. She finally settled for a tummy tuck in Mexico. She is very satisfied with the cleanliness of the clinic and the doctor is very professional in his job. It is now about 3 months since the surgery and everything went well for her. She now smiles when her daughter’s friends asked whether she is her daughter’s sister! Many people are asking for the secret behind her bulge-less and sexy tummy.

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