Turkey Trip Planning: First-Timer’s Guide To Plan A Trip



The most useful skill for any traveler is being able to organize a trip from start to finish, in a completely autonomous and independent way, taking into account every aspect that will characterize their experience, and having the flexibility to be able to plan and at the same time fully enjoy all the moments of the journey. 

Experience is a key factor: more travel, more mature awareness and confidence with flight bookings, accommodation and transfers, planning of itineraries and excursions, handling unexpected events and unusual situations, and also the ability to travel making the most of the available budget. 

If you are planning to visit Turkey, checkout Turkish Airlines. They offer free accommodation in a 5 star hotel while booking a business class trip with them. You don’t have to book everything on the go, just browse your options and compare prices if you are to book both separately and if there’s a clear difference, do select the airline as your travel partner to turkey. 

Turkey Trip Planning: First-Timer’s Guide To Plan A Trip 

With this guide, we want to give you all the possible instructions and advice to organize your next trip to Turkey in the most effective and convenient way. 

Each step of this long list contains tips and suggestions, derived from our travel experiences, and you will see that by following the step-by-step guide you will be able to plan each trip as quickly and efficiently as possible, reducing costs and improving your experience. 

The guide is perfect for any trip, whether it is in Europe, Asia, Africa or anywhere in the world, and is suitable for everyone. If you have a little travel experience you will find hundreds of useful tips, if you are an expert, we are sure that you will find many interesting ideas to organize your next trips even better. 

Calculate The Necessary Budget 

Everyone would like to travel on a budget, maximize their budget to visit more, and spend more time traveling. The truth is with a little attention and planning it is absolutely possible to do this. 

The first step is to calculate the budget for your trip which can be summarized in 7 points: 

  • Flight / transfer 
  • Accommodation 
  • Food and catering 
  • Transportation (car rental / public transport / taxi) 
  • Attractions and tours
  • Equipment 
  • Travel insurance 

To organize your trip well, try to get an idea of the cost required for each of these items of expenditure, based on the type of traveler you think you are, write an estimate of the costs on a list. 

Will a hostel suit you or just a 4-star hotel? A sandwich and go or a tasting menu? Comfortable flight in the premium or economy class and off you go? Only private taxi or even a bus or Uber when needed? 

Choose The Destination 

The first step in organizing a trip obviously that consists of choosing the destination, or destinations, to visit. You may have very clear ideas about which country, capital or region to visit, but if not, finding inspiration for a must-see is easier than you think. My suggestion is that you visit Turkey. 

Check The Political And Health Situation 

If you have decided to visit Turkey for your next trip but it is a distant country, the next step is to check the current political conditions. You can check about the COVID restrictions there as well before traveling. 

Better to do a quick check to see if everything is going smoothly in Turkey or if there is something to keep an eye on. The same goes for the health situation. Check whether you want to visit it in an acceptable health situation, and verify the need for specific mandatory vaccines for travel. 

Based on the indications of official sources, such as the traveling safe website (of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), you can better understand what precautions are necessary, and if you are willing to follow them to visit Turkey. 

Sometimes with good travel insurance, you can travel with peace of mind, but more on that later in this guide. 

Choose Your Destination Based On Climate And Season 

There are times of the year when visiting certain countries, or specific cities, is not recommended due to the high volume of tourists or the adverse climate. It is never worth leaving out all the aspects related to seasonality when choosing a tourist destination. As for the climate in Turkey, you can check a site that offers detailed views and climate conditions over there. 

Check For National Holidays And Events

A final check to do concerns the presence of events, demonstrations or possibly even national holidays in Turkey. This is because in moments of celebration there is a lot more movement and the costs of the trip could be significantly high. It is useless to pay more if you do not intend to participate/attend the event on duty. To check the national holidays in Turkey, you can visit the top website on Google. 

Decide On The Duration Of The Trip 

If your work or family commitments impose a maximum limit for your trip, and this limit is not so large, it is useless to fantasize about many destinations that are too far away or about long and complicated itineraries. There will come a day, but for now, just focus on what you can achieve and appreciate in the time available i.e. Turkey. 

Even with just one week, you can go on amazing journeys. The ideas are endless, but the advice is one: when choosing a destination, make sure you have the time to visit what interests you without too much rush. Organizing a trip serves to live it to the fullest, not to run madly between one attraction and another. 

Bottom Line 

The last thing we want to suggest to you is to be flexible with your plans and to enjoy the journey beyond any unexpected events, even when reality turns out to be completely different from your expectations. 

Sometimes it happens to have to cut a stage of an itinerary because the weather, the climate, the traveling companions, the health or a thousand other things do not allow it to continue. But it doesn't matter, the journey must be lived to the fullest in every moment, and sometimes you have to let it take the turn it wants. 

Often we end up discovering places we never thought we would see, fantastic people we never knew, or simply different experiences that could also be the most interesting and memorable of the whole trip to Turkey.

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