Having a Fitbit and not being able to make it look cool, I don't know about all of you I love my things to be different. Something that states who I am. Recently I was looking online to see what's there is out there, and ran into the site IPOPS, they are perfect.

What IPOPS are tiny charms that can be added to the band of your apple watch and Fitbit, can you believe that how amazing.  Now you can get some adorable charms that, can make these look like a different piece of jewelry.  Turning any band into something more  then just a band.

There are some very cute charms to pick from. Something for everyones taste,  charms are similar to items pictured-may have slight variations  for proper installation and removal of iPops for optimal life of the product. iPops must me inserted and removed correctly to avoid damage. iPops are in no way affiliated with Apple Products or FitBit. iPops charms are made for the Apple Watch adjustment holes on the sports watch band and also the Fitbit Flex and Charge. All other watches may or may not work with this product. iPops is a trademarked, LLC, and Patent Pending product.


Hi I’m Lucy!  I am a wife, mother of three, and also the creator of iPops!  As I was looking at my new watch one morning a bright idea popped into my head,  “What if I create a way to customize my watch? Could I make a watch a little more exciting?  A little more ME?”. I realized a lot of us wear our watches and FitBits ever day, and doing so, makes it difficult to wear other more personal wrist accessories like charms and other bracelets. Over the next couple months my little idea became a big idea and iPops grew and grew.
With three kids and a wonderful husband, I wanted a way to help support our family without having to leave home.  I also wanted a way to make ends meet and a little more to save for a reliable handicap van for my son. I wanted a family business that I could be proud of.  With the growth of iPops I hope to teach my kids the power of a single idea and how their little ideas can become a big reality.
Ipops are so adorable here a couple of pictures:



Would you want these???


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