When it comes to giving the kids, anything for any holiday we try to stay away from candy, With Devon it is so easy to find him something, his favorite stuff is sharks, Elmo, dinosaurs, and funny looking monsters. While I was looking for ideas I found the cutest idea.

Have heard of Budsies,  that you can go to with any of your child's drawings, artwork, and other things to have it made into a plushie. Something that they drew and can have for a lifetime. Instead of the candy, they get a plushie of something they made or drew.


As an adult we are always taking selfies of ourselves, take one of those and make a plushie of yourself. Keep that with you at all times, and have a mini you with you, Devon loved the monster with the hearts, more than the dogs, he carries it around with him when he's eating and in the car when we are driving.  Even though he's a monster he is a really adorable one. His hearts outweigh the fact he's got some big teeth.

Budsies are beautiful custom-sewn stuffed animals created from any drawing or photo.  They are so done well and are to the exact picture of what you send.



Then if you want a stuffed animal of your favorite pet they can do that too. Petsies, the same way you would make them of the artwork they can make them of the pet you love and maybe have lost.

Huggables are made from super soft faux furs and are more cutesy and cuddly. They are a great gift for kiddos and pet lovers alike. They have the most talented designers and seamstresses custom-make and hand-sew every Petsies plush to match your pet's likeness.

Forevers are a more detailed lookalike of your pet, with premium faux furs and full airbrushing techniques to match every unique marking. They are the perfect keepsake to remember your lovable companion, past or present.

We also feature Petsies Stars which are perfect gifts for the social media obsessed Tweens & Teens (who are super hard to buy for!!) You can have your very own huggable (and undeniably cute) plush version of the top pet stars (Marnie, Oscar, Meatball, Crusoe and more!)

1) Take a photo of the object you want to plushify

For Budsies®: Take a photo of your drawing, sculpture, cartoon, or video game character. If you don't have a drawing you like and need a little creative inspiration, try out our Inspriation Machine

For Selfies : Take a photo of a person you love (it’s OK if that person is you)


For Petsies®: Take a photo of your pet or your friend’s pet or a really cute animal you want to make your pet


2) Provide your photo to our designers

When you start your order, we give you several options for sending us your photo

If you are ordering from your mobile phone, you can upload the photo directly from your camera roll

If you are ordering from your computer, you can upload the photo from your hard drive.

3) Get ready for the magic

Sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for meeting your Budsie custom plush

We will send you email updates throughout the process so you know the status of your order

We’ll provide you with a tracking number once your package is shipped. Get your camera ready!


You're Informed Every Step of the Way

You can expect to receive 5 email notifications throughout the process so you know exactly what stage your Budsie is in. You can also make an account during checkout and login at any time to track your order.

It's that simple and easy to do, once you the picture you want, send it in and watch as the steps take place, you will love the finish piece. A great gift for any occasion , instead of giving candy.


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