Having a baby is a challenging job, there are ups and downs and everything in between. Feeding time can be difficult for any parent but especially more difficult when you have twins. Feeding time can be difficult for any parent but especially difficult when you have twins. However, moms and dads everywhere can ditch the struggle thanks to Baby A & Baby B. Baby A & Baby B have created The Twin Feeding Set that is perfect for parents with twins or little ones close to the same age.

I currently have one daughter who is 16 months old, during the weekdays I watch a 15 month old little boy. When it comes time for lunch it can be a little bit difficult to make both of them happy and content with the amount of food that they're getting. When I use two separate bowls and two separate spoons lunch time is long, messy and loud. I've tried to give them food for  to eat on their own however, that can get messy and sometimes I don't have the time to deal with the mess. By using the twin baby feeder I was able to eliminate some of the struggles of feeding both toddlers at the same time.  All the crying because toddlers don't wait and now I just have happy eaters!

How to use the Twin Feeding Set:

  1. Fill bowl A and bowl B with food for your babies
  2. Hold the bowl in one hand or place it somewhere that is easily accessible while feeding.
  3. Dip the spoons into the bowls. Spoon A will go into Bowl A & Spoon B will go into Bowl B.
  4. Ensure they have the desired amount of baby food for each bite.
  5. Move the spoon to feed Baby A and then immediately over to feed Baby B. The spoons are far enough apart that the baby will only notice their spoon and food, enabling you to feed both quickly.
  6. Then refill the spoons and repeat until your twins are full.
  7. Wash in the Dishwasher for use later

The benefits of not having to share utensil in my case are quite obvious as the children are not related but with twins it may not seem like a big deal but it can be. If only one of your children has a food allergy you cannot contaminate the utensils that the allergic child has with the one who does not have the allergy or deprive the child without the allergy the food they like. In addition, twins like different things so the likely hood of them wanting the exact same foods always is not high. Finally, the greatest benefit is reduced spread of germs.

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Who do you know that could use this twin set?

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