School has started, but kids always need more supplies and accessories. All year round at least at my house I am constantly having to buy more paper, pencils, ect through the year. One thing for certain is my kids are always scrambling to find a pencil in their backpacks. At night when it is time for homework, I always have to ask can you find a pencil? I always get the answer that it's someplace in their backpack or they cannot locate it. It figures! If you only had it more organized and used a pencil case it would be easier to find. When I received the Two Bunnies Pencil Case and Pouch I thought this is exactly what my 9 year old needs to keep her pencils more organized. 

pencil case



The Two Blue Bunnies Pencil Case is a sure way to keep your children's pencils more organized. In fact, the lock is simple to use and holds everything more secured. These come in four delightful colors and sports a smiley face on the front.

pencil cases

Two Bunnies hit the mark with functionality when making these pencil cases. Not only can you use these for pencils, but they will hold pens, bandages, USB devices, erasers, keys, money, cards, the options are limitless.

pencil case and pouch

When you purchase a Two Bunnies Pencil Case you will receive an adorable makeup, pencil pouch for free. The makeup/pencil pouch can be used as a cosmetic makeup bag or to hold pencils, pens, ect. It rolls up super easy and wraps up tight to keep everything secure.  What I love about the pencil case is the durability and how strong it holds up. With kids you always worry if they drop things that it would break, however, with this pencil case it holds together with the toughest falls and will last longer. The slim design is perfect to slip into a backpack, store in school desk, or locker without taking up a lot of space.  These come in an array of colors such as pink, yellow, peach and light blue.

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