With the holiday here already, and we are all doing last minute shopping, what would you be getting the lady in your life? Every woman loves jewelry and purses, well at least in this house.   Thats where oNecklace comes in they have some beautiful pieces, and there's bound to be something for that special lady in your life.



Allow your name to sparkle with a one-of-a-kind name necklace personalized with your unique name. Your name is a representation of you so why not wear it proudly? Choose a font you love, and create a custom nameplate necklace just as special as you!  The name on the necklace is made in bold with a heart on the letters. This makes it quite an eye-catching piece of jewelry.

I love that I am able to have my name in a necklace, it goes with my ring and bracelet I got, its pretty and delicate the way I love my jewelry. There is something about having a piece with your name on it.


Color Changing Cinema Light Box


As a blogger we are always looking at new and exciting ways to let, our readers know about a product that we are showcasing. With the color changing cinema light box, I can do that and so much more.  Are you looking for a unique decorative piece with Modern vibes?

Then the cinema light box is exactly what you need! The 16 colors LED light up box is designed to look like those retro cinema and movie theater signs, but now updated with 15 more colour light options to form the perfect light up ambience.

Produce a black-and-white film feel or create a colorfully theme display and change from up to 32 feet with the included Remote Control, I love that theres a remote and I am able to change the colors to make what I am taking a picture of pop.

So what message are you planning to write on your color changing cinema lightbox? Thanks to the 240 letter set which now includes MOVIE NIGHT THEME emojis, your options are endless!

The A4 LED light up box has three lines and each line can fit 10 marquee letters, more than any other cinema light box with letters on the market! You can customize your own fun, inspirational or motivational message to advertise on the multi color light box sign  The perfect box for leaving sweet messages to your loved ones.


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