Now that the days are getting warmer and in our parts of the country, we love to sit outside in the evenings and enjoy the setting sun and warmer weather. This bug zapper is the best in keeping the insects away. We can enjoy just relaxing and having a cup of coffee or some evenings we will eat our supper outside, and the kids can run around and play in the yard without being eaten up by insects.

This bug zapper is easy to clean. It has a detachable bottom to quickly empty out unsightly bug remains. The average life of the replaceable tube is 8000 hours and covers 1700 square meters. It kills mosquitos without the old – school ZAP! It works standing or as a hanging lantern. It is ABS fire resistant material prevents accidents. ; High-Efficiency UV light lamp lures insects. It is a medium size (7x7x13 inches), or porch and long range are perfect for a porch. Mosquito, fly, gnat, stinger bug killer.

We have been able to have dinner parties and get together every weekend since the weather warmed up. I love that we can eat in relative peace instead of having to shoo flies and other insects away from our food and drinks. And no one is itching like crazy afterward. My mommy friends and I loved that we can now have playdates with our kids and they can play outside without any worries.

This is one item I will be recommending to all my family and friends. Anyone who asks will be told about this product. I definitely will be buying this for grandma to put out on her porch so the kids can go outside when they visit her. And I will be getting another one for the front porch also. This is the best investment we have made so far.


This copter has a camera on it as well. Great way to keep track of your kids if you have lots of acres of land. I use it all the time to keep track of my kids and to take a picture of our beautiful landscape.  We have enough acreage that the kids or anyone could easily get lost if they are not careful and keep track of where they are.

This copter takes high res pics and video while it is up and flying. 6 Axis Gyro stability, strong wind resistance and easy maneuverability for stunts. 2 liPo batteries to double flight time and a 2200 mAh Power Bank to charge on the go! Has a headless mode that eliminates the need to adjust aircraft position before a flight and improves learning curve. Has an HD and return home function – one key to return your aircraft makes it easy to find the way home.

The kids and their dad love having some plain old fashioned fun with this copter. They will fly it just to fly it and have fun with each other. They will even play hide and seek with it. Which, personally, I think should be “illegal” and I am sure isn't in any rules on playing hide and seek but then again boys will be males and some girls will be tomboys. Oh well, you are only a kid once, but some of us are kids until the day we die. Husbands…got love 'em!





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