Torch Universal Coat Heater-ZUS USB Smart Car Charger

Two Tech Products To Improve Your Life -- Torch Universal Coat Heater-ZUS USB Smart Car Charger


We are a tech family, much like so many of you out there. We love our gadgets, large and small, and are always interested to check out the newest products to hit the market. The Torch Coat Heater and ZUS USB Smart Car Finder are two tech products that I've found that I think are pretty darn neat, in my opinion.

Torch Universal Coat Heater

My teenage son is in marching band at school. They have many (many, many) band camps and practices during their season, from June to November. From November through the rest of the winter months they have Pep Band and other various performance opportunities and events. While the season starts out during the heat of summer, it continues during the cooler days of fall and the sometimes frigid winter months.

The Torch Universal Coat Heater has come in handy for outdoor practices during those cooler days and evenings. He's used it, also, for everyday warmth during the few really cold weather spells we've had this winter.

Torch Universal Jacket Warmer

This system is super easy to use. It comes with enough Velcro pads to install in three jackets or coats. Then you can simply stick the belt part of the heater to the Velcro pads inside the jacket to hold the warmer in place. It really is just that simple. When the weather is cool but finicky, like say it's freezing one day but merely chilly the next you can put the Torch in a heavy jacket for the colder day and then move it to a lighter jacket for the warmer one.

The battery pack will work for up to five hours on a single charge and has the option to be set to provide several different levels of warmth to suit your needs.  It's actually pretty ingenious. I can't believe no one has ever though of this before.



I love giving my kids something that makes their life easier. Their comfort is always on my mind and the Torch Universal Coat Heater is helping me to feel a little more at ease when my son needs to be out in the cold weather.


ZUS USB Smart Car Finder

The ZUS USB Smart Car Finder is another gadget that I got with a family member in mind. In this case, though, the one on my mind is my husband. I can't even tell you how many times we've gone somewhere together that upon leaving he is trying to wrack his brain to remember where he parked our vehicle.

This handy product from a company called nonda® will not only charge your mobile devices with its USB port, but it also features a smartphone app that helps you find your car when you have trouble remembering where in the world you may have parked it, such as in very large parking lots.

ZUS USB Smart Car Finder

I love that it features not one but two USB ports. No more trying to decide which mobile device is more important to charge. You can charge your phone and the kids can plug in their device too, all at the same time.

But there are some other fantastic features that you may enjoy, as well. You can use the iOS and Android ZUS App to do such things as locate your car, alert you when your parking meter is about to expire, monitor the health of your car battery and even calculate gas mileage among other things. The Car Locator function will work on your phone even when your phone doesn't have a signal, such as when in remote outdoor locations. I think that's way cool!

ZUS USB Smart Car Finder


  • Designed in Germany
  • ElegantShine™ Lighting
  • Smart Device Detection
  • Data Plan Free
  • Titanium Coating
  • 12-month Warranty
  • Smart Car Locator
  • US Military Grade Quality
  • 2X Charging Speed (4.8A)
  • Low Energy Bluetooth
  • German Bayer Material
  • ZUS Cooling System

The ZUS has lightning charging, which means you can charge two devices at a very fast speed, faster than a normal car charger. The military grade quality means that this quality product works in temps up to 212 degrees.

I wanted to get this product for my husband for several reasons. First and foremost, he's tech-crazy and is always looking for the next biggest new thing to hit the market. Also, he does sometimes forget where he's parked, so that function will be helpful. And he travels a bit for work, necessitating the use of rental cars, so I know this will be a handy device to take traveling with him.

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