Many people can agree that getting a divorce is a life-changing experience. It is often difficult and puts tremendous emotional, mental and physical pressure on you. This process can be very stressful and cause trauma if it becomes drawn out and messy. Not only does it cause embarrassment; it can also cause nervous breakdowns.


One effective way of taking much of the negative pressure out of a divorce process is by hiring a divorce lawyer. There are firms that specialize in family law and handle this legal process efficiently. Firms such as and many more can help to have a divorce settled amicably out of court, so it's important to look into this type of assistance.


All about family law firms


A family law is a firm which deals with family law and specializes in divorce proceedings. They can offer regular and emergency services on request. Their expertise spans various types of divorce cases. Such a firm is often led by a civil trial lawyer. This leading lawyer often has many years of experience. As such, they are a top Houston divorce attorney.


Types of divorces handled by a family law firm


Family law firms can handle a range of divorce cases. They include:


  1. High net worth divorces


  1. Contested divorces


  1. Uncontested divorces


  1. International divorces


Contested divorce


This is a type of divorce where the husband and wife cannot agree on one or multiple issues which arise in the proceedings. Should the conflict reach fever pitch, the couple is usually required to go to a court of law and have the issue resolved there. However, a divorce attorney works to ensure that the couple agrees out of court to avoid unnecessary litigation.


Uncontested divorce


This is a type of divorce where the couple agrees on every aspect of their divorce. They are in agreement about elements such as child support, child custody and alimony. An uncontested divorce is often settled out of court due to lack of conflict. It is the most peaceful type of divorce.  Division of property can be settled appropriately upon agreement. Using a quitclaim deed, the ex-spouse may be removed as property owner or may be used to transfer it to their children.


High networth divorce


When the couple that is involved in a divorce has large amounts of wealth and property, this is a high net worth divorce. Such cases are usually complicated because there are higher chances of disagreement than with a couple that has average income levels. To avoid any conflict, a high net worth divorce should be handled by an experienced and skilled attorney. Not only do they ensure peaceful negotiations; they also ensure that property is divided fairly.


International divorce


A situation where the local spouse files for divorce against their partner who is in another location across the border is described as an international divorce. For this one to be handled successfully, an experienced divorce lawyer needs to handle the case. Their role is to smooth out the logistics of negotiations, handle the differences in family law across jurisdictions and ensure that the needs of the children are honored.




A divorce lawyer makes the process of negotiation or litigation more bearable. A family law firm can facilitate this. They usually have comprehensive services and many years of experience in this type of law.


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