Do you own an industrial or a commercial building? If yes, then you should look into the roof structure and its upkeep. There will be a time when you would want to install a new roof.  Today, commercial roofing presents you will find ample choices. And it all can become very overwhelming for you since there are plenty of options to select from. You need to know your requirement and choose the one that is apt for you.  

Today, multiple roofing contractors are there to help you with your commercial roofing. To know more, you can get in touch with the Minnetonka roofing contractors and service providers. The top three materials for commercial roofing are:

  1. EPDM 

The EPDM is also called the rubber roofing. One of the best advantages of this roofing type is the cost. It seems to be one of the most cost-effective roofing materials. So, if yours is a start-up business and you need to manage your expenses carefully, you can make the most of the EPDM material. You can also install it easily as its lightweight. Hence, there’s is no need for the deck to get reinforced. A high-end EPDM roof comes with excellent life expectancy. It can last until about 20 years. These roofs are highly durable and don't get scratched easily. The material has a black color, and it also absorbs heat. This roof doesn't get affected by UV rays.

  1. TPO

The TPO roof has become one of the prominent choices today for commercial buildings. It is affordable and is white. That helps to reflect the sun and minimizes the heal build-up in the building. TPO is also lightweight, and it can get installed in multiple ways. It can get fastened to the roof or completely stuck using adhesive to a roof deck. The material doesn’t break easily and is also corrosion-resistant. It gets prone to mildew and algae growth. There’s no need to get it pressure-washed. 

The other advantage of this material is the heat-welded seams as against the adhesive use! When you are making use of TPO, the membrane plastic can melt together, and it creates more bonds in between the seams.

  1. PVC

When it comes to PVC roofing, it gets created with two PVC layer as well as polyester that is reinforcement in between the layers. Additionally, the layers also comprise of the additives that render this roofing material flexible and UV-stable. It also averts curing and is a lightweight material.

On a low-slope or flat roof, you can expect PVC to last longer than most commercial roofing materials. That aside, it is also famous for its durability. Last but not least, PVC is moisture-resistant and is chemical, wind, and fire-resistant as well. The heat welding installation procedure that gets used with PVC roof generates a permanent bond that every roofing sheet has. Furthermore, it also secures the seams together.

These are the three most crucial commercial roofing materials that you can choose from! You can decide on your budget capacities and requirements, and make the most of the roofing materials.

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