Many different methods can create music. These include sound instruments, whistling, human voice, and noise production. In all forms of music, certain rules need to be followed for composition and performance. There are many types of music in the world with different purposes and ways in which they are made:

Folk Music

Traditional music is usually passed down orally from one generation to another. Folk songs are typically used for storytelling, entertainment, and ceremonial purposes. In some countries, folk music is considered the only form of music.

Religious Music

Religious music can occur in a musical style that suits a particular religion. It can also follow a standard musical style and include religious lyrics about faith or prayer. Most religions have their unique type of music due to the different cultures spread across the globe. For example, Islam chants while Christianity has more contemporary styles, such as gospel and hymns.

Art Music

Art Music is mostly written by composers working for an audience that wants to be challenged by what they hear rather than merely entertained. This type of music typically takes on one specific historical period and uses its musical language while also using techniques developed by other composers.

Classical Music

Classical music is often written for a specific purpose, such as accompanying a dance or telling a story, and it features melodies that one person often plays throughout the entire piece. The instruments used in classical music can be divided into strings and winds. String instruments include the violin, viola, cello, and double bass, while wind instruments are flute, clarinet, saxophone, and trumpet.

Electronic Music

Electronic music is made using electronic instruments that rely on technology to create sound or modify an existing instrument's sound. This type of music can be found in many genres and has influenced hip hop, dance music, and rock.

Soul Music

Soul music is influenced by gospel music and often has lyrics about love or relationships. There are many subgenres within the soul, including funk which makes use of extended vamps where the chord progression repeats over and over for lengthy periods, whereas Philly Soul tends to have long instrumental breaks performed by an orchestra made up of session players.

Popular Music

Music is not written for a specific purpose but rather for the listener's enjoyment. This form of music often incorporates folk songs or pop songs into its repertoire while also incorporating elements from Western Classical Music, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Soul Music, World Music.

Rhythm and Blues

Rhythm & Blues is a type of music that combines jazz, gospel, and blues elements. This type of music is usually sung, and it has been popularized by artists like Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Dan Avidan, and Stevie Wonder.

World Music

World music contains elements from various cultures, including Asia, Europe, North America, Australia, Oceania, South America, and Africa. The instruments used in this kind of music come from several different countries and reflect their traditions. This style of music can also be called Folkloric Music or Ethnic Music.

Bluegrass Music 

Bluegrass music is a type of country music that originated in the Appalachian Mountains of the United States. This type of music typically features instruments like the banjo, guitar, and mandolin, often sung in groups. Well-known bluegrass artists include Bill Monroe, Ricky Skaggs, and Alison Krauss.

Each genre has its unique sound and style influenced by the culture or region. For example, soul music is heavily influenced by gospel music, while hip-hop is heavily influenced by rap and DJing. Each type of music has its fans and followers who appreciate the unique elements that make it stand out from the rest.

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