Ukonserve  is a fairly new company. I just recently have heard about. They have some great products that a family can use. They have the perfect glass container safely wrapped in silicone to protect it from breakage. These containers are great for your children's lunch or your own, they are leak proof, BPA free. Have an airtight lid with silicone gasket that snaps on all sides to ensure freshness. It is safe, clean and durable glass that resists stains, scratches, and odors, the windows let you see the food inside. The container and sleeve are safe in oven (375 degrees), microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.



The silicone sleeve provides nonslip grip, cushion from breakage and protection from hot contents. I really like this lunch container. You can use the container for leftovers or to bring food with you on the go. It not only looks great it provides you with a sturdy, reliable container.  For more information click here.



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