Anyone that travels knows how much space a seemingly small towel can take up in a bag. As well as how it can go from light to a lead weight upon packing your towels. This towel hardly takes up any space and only weighs about as much as a pair of underwear! Ladies that means you could pack that extra outfit in your bag that you're just not quite sure if you'll wear it or not. Gentlemen that means your bag weighs less

The other great thing about the towel is the hanging loop! Yes! It comes with a loop which is super useful because you just need to hang it from there and it will dry super fast! A great feature for outdoor lovers like me! Now when we are done with the towel we can hang it up to dry. The micro fiber 80% and 20% nylon , makes this towel very soft and absorbent.

You can take it to the beach, You can stick it around your neck if your going for a walk, you can take it with you to the gym, so you don't have to carry your big one with you. We love this towel have been using it when we go on vacation, taken it to the cabins and used it for the hot tub and dried off and was able to hang it , so that it dried. It's also very well built, and I can see this lasting pretty much forever. It's also machine washable, and it doesn't bleed or shrink or anything like that. The only tradeoff is that it's a lot thinner than your regular towels, so unless you're using towels for warmth, I dont use it to dry off after a shower for that I still use a cotton one.


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