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The AR-10 has become one of the most sought after rifles for good reasons. This is a practical weapon that you can use for range shooting and hunting. With certain rounds of ammunition combined with a good rifle scope, the AR-10 can hit targets of up to 700mm away. 


Keep in mind that you need to have a good objective lens to make an effective hit on the target. Therefore, a larger objective lens is essential as it allows more light to get through the aperture. This gives you a sharper and brighter image of the target. This page discusses what makes AR-10 scope popular. 


Features that make AR-10 popular

When you decide to buy a new scope from the Target Tamers for the new scope, you also need to consider several factors. Remember that there are a variety of models and brands of rifle scopes for AR-10 out there. This makes it tricky to choose the right scope that meets your specific needs. 


It simply means that you have to consider your shooting style before you decide to purchase an AR-10 scope. That said, here are some things you need to consider before buying an AR-10 rifle scope:



From the onset, it’s important to remember that when looking for a great AR-10 rifle scope, you need to consider the magnification. This is because the magnification of the scope tends to correspond with the range that you want to shoot. 


For versatility, then it’s a good idea to get a scope that has a better magnification range, such as 3x to 12x. But you may have to compromise with the diameter of scope as well as its weight and length. Besides, you must adjust the rifles’ scope regularly. It can even be faster if you decide to swap the rifle scopes. 



The other factor that you need to consider is the diameter of your AR-1- scope. Well, if you decide to have a clear sight of pictures regardless of whether the target is a couple of thousands away or not, then you need to buy a scope with a wide diameter. You see, these scope can allow more light to get in to enable you to get a clearer target sight.


As a result, the larger the scope’s diameter you get, the better the target shooting you can get in hazy or low light conditions, such as while you are out hunting. But because you have a bigger scope, it means that the optic device will be much heavier, so you need to think about this before buying the right scope. 


The type of optical glass

You need to have good quality optical glass so that you can view the target easier at any given magnification. The best way to figure out the right scope that suits you is to do side-by-side comparison of the glasses. While the differences can be minor, you can still appreciate the extra benefits.


That said, it’s also crucial to determine where you intend to use the scope. For example, if you intend to use the scope for hunting, then avoid buying expensive and complicated ones. While these scopes can be accurate, they are easily susceptible to weather damage.


Therefore, it’s a good idea to find a simple and weatherproof scope, meaning it should be easy to operate and can have different weather conditions. Aside from this, you need a scope that doesn’t put too much weight to the rifle. In this way, you can travel light while hunting because every gram of gear matters.


The focal plane

Many modern rifle scopes utilize a second focal place to provide more accurate aiming. As a result, the size of the reticle of the scope can get smaller or bigger depending on the magnification settings. This is an important feature, especially when it involves long-range shooting. 


When it comes to the reticle, you need to know that it means the fine lines you can find in the scope. This feature helps you to gauge the distance and even aim more accurately. 


You can find various types of these on the market. These include bullet drop compensation, mil-dot reticles, red dots, and many more. So each of these reticles offers different advantages but depends on the shooter. Therefore, you need to try out several of these types before choosing the one that suits you.


Eye relief

This can seem like a small detail but you may soon realize that it’s very important if you use the AR-10 regularly. You can find some AR-10 scopes that feature adjustable eye reliefs to make it easier for you to use them. 


You can find some scopes that come with a fixed eye relief that can fit you right away. But there are also some situations when they may take quite longer to conform to you.


Elevation adjustment

Each type of scope you can find on the market comes with different elevation adjustments. For example, you can find long distance scopes that have more elevation adjustment options simply to compensate for various variables involved with shooting targets from far away. In some cases, the scopes with a larger diameter tend to have more elevation adjustment options.


Objective lens size

The objective lens usually allows light to pass into the scope so that you can get a clearer image of the target. When the objective lens is large, it means there can be more light that passes through. But if the objective lens is more than 50mm, the image can fade a little. These are great in outdoor activities.


If you intend to use the scope for hunting deers for example, then it makes sense to get a scope that has a large objective lens. This is because the light conditions in many places can be not ideal.


It’s also important to remember that scopes are designed for specific rifles. Hence, you need to get an AR-10 scope to get the best performance. Because rifles tend to have different shooting accuracy, you need to mount the scope on the rifle to determine how it may perform later.

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