Understanding Pregnancy And Which Period Is Most Critical



Being pregnant is an exciting experience and gives you the opportunity to prepare for what is to come. Of course, any parent will tell you that it is impossible to completely prepare yourself for the rollercoaster that is parenthood. 

When you are pregnant you will find yourself potentially suffering from morning sickness, fatigue, hormonal changes, and even an increased sex drive. It can be difficult to deal with all the issues which are why it is essential you see a reputable obstetrician Sydney regularly and have a good support group.

The Three Trimesters

Pregnancy is split into three trimesters, this evenly separates the time from becoming pregnant until you reach full-term, that’s around 39-40 weeks. Any baby born before 37 weeks is considered to be premature and mazy have issues with breathing and digesting properly. Fortunately, there is great medical care available to deal with issues like this. 

  • First Trimester

The first trimester runs from week zero (conception) to week 13. Interestingly, this is generally referred to as the most important stage of pregnancy. It is during these first 13 weeks that your baby will develop body structure and organs. This is the most likely time to have a miscarriage or for a birth defect to appear. 

During the first trimester, you are likely to feel tired, nauseous, and need to use the bathroom regularly. Of course, it is different for everyone but, as this is the trimester when the baby is most at risk, this can be said to be the most critical stage.

It is then funny that many people don’t realize they are pregnant until 6-8 weeks into this trimester, meaning there is little you can do to help shape the unborn baby’s health.

  • 2nd Trimester

The second trimester runs from week fourteen to week twenty-six. This tends to be the best part of the pregnancy. You won’t have put on enough weight to significantly affect what you can or can’t do. You are likely to have more energy and people will say you are glowing.

In short, you will probably feel great. Most pregnancies progress through the second trimester without issue.  During this period you may start to develop backache, leg pain, and even constipation. It isn’t all fun and games!

  • Third Trimester

The third trimester runs from week 27 until the end of your pregnancy, which should be at week 40. In many respects, this is the safest part of the pregnancy. Your baby is fully formed and simply maturing. That is why most premature babies can flourish with a little hospital care. 

You are likely to expand rapidly during the last stage, increasing backache and making it harder to do some tasks. You may even find it difficult to drive. As you become more excited and anxious you will notice it is harder to catch your breath, you need the toilet a lot, and you may even struggle sleeping.

The good news is at the end of this trimester your baby will appear. It will instantly all feel worthwhile.


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