When it comes to our undergarments, some of us don’t really put a lot of thought into the questions that we should ask. Others, especially women, are too shy to voice the concerns they have in mind. To this day, some questions remain a taboo topic and we suffer in uncomfortable underwear without realizing that there are much better options for us out there. 


While undergarments are items that we all use, understanding the different options we have and how we can wear them for optimal comfort and health is not always talked about. 


There are many commonly asked questions about choosing the best underwear for your anatomy and health, so we are here to answer those questions for you. 

How Many Pairs of Underwear Should You Own?

Depending on your preference, and how often you shower and change your clothes throughout the day, the needed stock of underwear can vary. To be on the safe side, having a three-week supply of underwear is a good measure. If you have less than that, you will have to deal with too many laundry loads and worn-out underwear. The amount you have should account for emergencies, vacations, and sweaty days when the weather is too hot, or when you have a long gym session that forces you to have multiple showers a day.  However, to be more practical, having 14 pairs or two weeks’ worth of underwear is okay as long as you are rigid in your weekly laundry washes. 

Does Fabric Matter?

Yes! If only one thing matters, it’s fabric.  It factors in your comfort level and health. As the revolutionary underwear manufacturers on Knix.com state, the fabric, and quality of your undergarment can affect how confident and comfortable you feel throughout the day. That said, underwear made of synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, or spandex can make us uncomfortable. These materials don’t allow our nether regions to breathe and for us to sit comfortably. This results in unpleasant odors, feeling restricted and needing to reposition your underwear frequently under your clothes. However, cotton underwear is hypoallergenic and wicks moisture, which works for all skin types and helps in maintaining the PH levels of our skin, keeping you dry and fresh. Above all, cotton underwear sits comfortably under our clothes and feels like we aren’t wearing any.

Can You Workout in a Thong? 

When we work out, our bodies sweat and heat up. So we need to ensure that what we wear is comfortable and allows us a free movement and comfort.  Working out in tight or constricting underwear such as thongs or G-strings is not recommended, as this increases your risk of contracting infections such as a UTI or a rash. The friction of tight fabric against your skin increases the risk of spreading bacteria. Consequently, it is advised to ditch your thong and opt for brief panties that offer more coverage and breathability. If worse comes to worst and you have nothing appropriate for working out, going commando might be a better option over risking having a synthetic thong line rubbing against your privates while you work out. You can also look online from sites like EBY that offer good workout underwear.  

Can You Just Not Wear Panties?

Technically, you can. It’s sometimes beneficial to go commando depending on what you’re wearing. Going commando in your Pj’s in bed or at home is okay as you are most likely wearing loose, non-restrictive clothing. However, in our day-to-day routine, while wearing pantsuits, jeans, and yoga pants, going commando will most likely result in discomfort. Your clothing fabric can include metal zippers, which can cause friction against your privates will most likely result in rashes, or worse, scratches and injuries that can take some time to heal.

That said, if you’re going commando, you’re going to have to change your bottoms as frequently as you would underwear. Most people wear jeans a couple of times before they decide to wash them, and re-wearing any clothes that have been exposed to discharge can cause serious complications, such as a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis, both of which can cause great discomfort. Men may also face foul odor and rashes in the nether regions. 


Asking questions about underwear and our most intimate clothing, shouldn’t be a taboo. Underwear is an item of clothing that we all wear every day, so being comfortable and confident in it is important so we can go comfortably about our daily routines. The most important thing is to pick fabrics that are beneficial to your health. You should also know what type of underwear to wear on which occasions and have enough of a supply to last you throughout the week and through emergencies. 


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