Have you ever heard of the Unii Palette its a amazing case. You can simply put all your make up in one place instead of scattered all over the place.
The Unii palette is a way to consolidate all of your makeup into one beautiful case. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for a special girl who loves her makeup.

Whats included is the
Unii Palette
Thumb grip
Magnet sheet with writable label
In the color pear

The most simple thing to use and alot of cosmetic brands now offer refills. And for good reason, refills cut out all wastefull packaging and is less exspensive too.Some of the companys are:

Mary Kay
And so many more
How simple is it to have everything you use in one place, nice and neat . This will keep everything in your reach without it all throw here, there and everywhere. A great idea they came up with.
To depot or not depot.

That is the question. Depotting is not for the faint of heart, but not all our favorite brands sell refills, so getting that essential eye shadow might require some, let’s say, resourcefulness.

Shown on the “HOW TO DEPOT” page are several methods to depot your makeup pans from their cases. The process of depotting can easily break the products, so practice on old, dispensable makeup if you are going to attempt to depot.

A great product im so happy I got this and im happy for the chance to review it. To keep all the makeup I use in just one place now is the best.

Check them out yourself at

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