With Easter coming up, I am sure everyone is stocking up on candy eggs and chocolate bunnies.  How great would it be to surprise someone with something unique this Easter, not another chocolate bunny or candy egg but something new and different that they would never expect!

Herrell's Hot Fudge is amazing.  First off, who doesn't like hot fudge?  It is perfect for an older person who maybe you wouldn't want to get a bunny for.  It comes in six different varieties: Original, Peppermint, Almond, Orange, Coconut and Chipotle.  The thing I love about it is there is no corn syrup, preservatives, or artificial sweeteners.  It also won a national taste test so that was all I needed to hear before being intrigued! And when I saw Chipotle, I knew this was a match made in heaven.  The spice and the chocolate together – don't know who thought of it, but a big thank you to whoever decided to try that combo!!! The other thing that is wonderful about hot fudge is not only is it great on ice cream, but it could be used as a dip (I love to dip fruit in it).  Anybody with more mature tastes will LOVE this and enjoy it much more than a chocolate bunny!  If you are lucky enough to be in the Northampton, Massachusetts, area you are lucky enough that you can visit Herrell's in person but for the rest of us, luckily you can order online for home delivery (they also have hot chocolate and real chocolate sprinkles!).


Maybe chocolate is not the favorite of who you want to buy for, in which case a chocolate bunny wouldn't cut it anyway – well I have the perfect candy – caramels, specifically McCrea's Caramels. They are based in Boston, and McCrea’s signature product features Hawaiian black lava sea salt swirled into caramel.  Heaven!!  They also have Basil Cayenne, Ginger Fusion, Curried Butternut, and Rosemary Truffle Sea Salt. If you want something more traditional, they do offer vanilla, chocolate, maple, mocha, scotch and coffee, but the sea salt with the caramel – again, don't know who thought of that, but WOW delicious!!!!  Whoever gets this will definitely be hiding this because they will not want to share!  They also have a Spring Seasonal, Irish Coffee, which blends freshly ground coffee with buttery rich caramel and a wee bit of Irish whiskey (this is their description and I am SOLD).   You can find out where to purchase McCrea's caramels here by using their store locator or you can place an online order if you cannot find one near and have it delivered!

Okay, so now for those who have read up to this point and thought, “Well, I know someone who doesn't like chocolate or caramel,” well guess what? I have them covered too!  Bacon Boxes!!! Yes, you read that right – BACON!  Who does not like bacon?  Bacon makes everything taste better!!! They have bacon roses (no explanation needed!) so you can send a bacon bouquet, or if you want to include other things with it, the bacon boxes include the bacon roses, cookies, candies, jams, spices, and other things – and you can get a subscription so the bacon lover in your life (or you) can enjoy it month after month!  And believe it or not, if you are really wanting to try something different, they have duck bacon which has 57% less fat than pork bacon!  The other great thing about Bacon Boxes is they have occasion collections, for example, birthday, wedding, will you be my bridesmaid, new baby, so any occasion just order them and  I can guarantee nobody will have gotten such a favor or gift like that! Instead of passing out cigars or chocolate bars when baby is born, why not pass out bacon roses dipped in chocolate?! People will not forget!!  They also have other “flavors,” you just need to see for yourself!

This Easter there is something for everyone!!  Whether they want chocolate, candy, or neither, you are set with something that everyone will be happy with, and it will not be the same chocolate bunny they are used to getting every Easter!!

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