There’s nothing better than receiving a meaningful gift, especially if that gift was uniquely handmade and personalized to a person’s taste. A lot of the time, getting your hands busy in a DIY project is both rewarding as a skill and quite cheap! By using materials that are easily found at home or at a nearby DIY store, you can create the perfect present. Here are a few ideas for DIY giveaways you can make at home:

  • Dyed ceramic mugs:

Painted mugs are so easy to make and can bring life to any dull cabinet. All you would need is a paintbrush, acrylic paint, and a ceramic mug, preferably white so you can have the space to play around with different colors. An alternative to the acrylic paint would be nail polish. You can dip dye the mug by adding some drops of nail polish to a bowl of water then slowly sinking the mug in the colorful paint. Leave it out to dry for a few hours and voilà!

  • Wood carving:

This one is super crafty and can turn into an addictive long term hobby. You just need to have the right tools. You will ideally need a dremel wood carving kit if you are a beginner as it would allow you to have more control over what you create. You can use it to carve your own original wooden gifts like coasters or personalized kitchen utensils (wooden spoons and forks). If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can even cut the shapes yourself using a sawing knife. Make sure you scrape the wood carefully before carving to ensure a smooth canvas for your creation. 

  • Homemade candles:

A lot of the time, the things needed to work on this gift idea are sitting at home being unused. All you would need is a bunch of colorful crayons and a mold. Start by melting the crayons over some boiling water. You can add some fragrance to it as you prefer–scents like lavender oil that help you relax–and stir the mix for a few minutes. Pour the melted wax into your mold and fix a wick into the mold using chopsticks on each side of the mold. Wait for a few hours, then slowly release your candle from the mold.


  • Scrapbook:

Nostalgic pictures and personal memories are always a special gift. And a scrapbook is the perfect way to collect those memories in one place. You could make it from scratch using a large piece of cardboard that can be measured to any size you’d prefer. You can then cover it with some wrapping paper on both sides then adding white paper inside using a stapler or double-sided tape. Decorations and paint can then be added to each sheet individually. Use colored tape, pens, and some stickers to add an artistic feel to each page.


Whatever present you choose to make, always remember that it is the thought that counts. So, try to add as much thought and personality to any of your projects to make it original and special. 

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