Unique Home Décor: Tips for Styling Bold Spaces

Unique Home Décor: Tips for Styling Bold Spaces

Do you ever stop, look around at your interiors, and sigh in defeat at their blandness and anonymity? There’s no universal rule stating that you must have matching furniture, subdued color schemes, or neutral tones and designs.

Styling assorted pops of colors, eye-catching patterns, and unique accessories is often no simple feat within modern homes. However, this effort is worth the while to incorporate a sense of wonder and personality into your abode. Now is the perfect time to take a risk and add diversity and character to your living spaces. Let’s take a closer look at the subject of unique home décor with these tips for styling bold spaces.

Be Playful With Paint or Wallpaper

What’s the best outlet for self-expressive design? Being playful with color hues and patterns. Forget about playing it safe with neutrals when there’s a plethora of fun and festive options available from paint or wallpaper companies.

Some of the greatest applications for this heightened level of boldness include smaller powder rooms, ceilings, kitchen cabinets, or closets. Otherwise, you can commit to something more low-risk, such as colorful oversized art or wall tapestries for large living areas. The main objective is to make a distinguishable decorative statement and see what results follow. The right approach may even make a room appear bigger in size.

Use Anything for Artistic Decoration

Needless to say, everything under the sun can serve as decoration within a home. Why not be brave with your interiors and use random objects or mementos as one-of-a-kind décor? Go boldly in one direction or another with plates, instruments, concert tickets, tree trimmings, bicycle wheels, sand art, and so much more. Anything can serve as eccentric wall decoration with a little creativity, spontaneity, and purposeful arrangement.

Simply leaving a wall blank is another prominent design option. This juxtaposition of negative space is just as bold a move as crowding it up with décor or art. Then, you can aim to showcase timeless art forms or pieces in cabinets or on top of tables, desks, or dressers. Remember that positioning is key for establishing a non-so-subtle artful presence within a room.

Layer Tones and Textures

Curating a spectacular combination of design elements requires the strategic layering of tones and textures. Consider the size and scope of your home when implementing eye-catching décor. The most alluring home interiors typically have an unrivaled style concept that focuses on contrast and coordination. Bold spaces aim to create a sense of harmony within a tangled jumble of concepts, trends, and individualized ideas.

Ergo, mixing and matching tactile features is one of the simplest tips for styling bold spaces. To implement unique home décor, seek out accent sources from different places to make your house look like a true home and just not a cookie-cutter space out of a catalog. Fashioning together a happily inhabitable space matters most of all.

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