There might be a few if any companies that do not care about the happiness of their employees. Any person in leadership always strives to make sure that their team members are happy to motivate them in the workplace. However, a majority of these people do not know what it takes to keep their team members excited at work. Today, most people spend a bigger percentage of their time at work or rather working, making it very easy for them to get tired and easily develop mental health issues. There are a number of things you can do to keep your team members happy. They include;

1. Appreciation and Recognition 

Sometimes your team might do something you did not expect, finish a task way ahead of time or even do anything else that impresses you. As a leader, you should not behave as if nothing happened. To show that you care about them, it is good to express recognition and appreciation and let them know that you are excited about their work. Also, during holidays such as Christmas, you can get a gift hamper like the Christmas food baskets for each of the members of your team and let them know that you appreciate their work. Making your team feel valued is one of the best ways for any leader in a company to create a positive work environment for their team.

2. Opportunities to Learn

A company that invests in the careers of its employees makes them feel valued. This, in turn, makes the team members excited and get more productive, creative, and innovative at the workplace. Team members that feel that they are growing at the workplace compared to those that do not have any feelings of growth or career advancement are overly more productive. 

3. Clear Feedback and Communication

Happy team members are cultivated from trusting relationships that are built from effective communication in the workplace. This means that any other leader in a company should invest in listening, speaking, and writing skills. With an ongoing time created for feedback, honest, straightforward, and truthful communication creates a productive team because the team members know that they can always understand what is expected of them and offer feedback on what they think is best for the company. Such a team will thrive in any company environment that values communication.

4. Offering Meaningful Perks

Some company leaders assume that only paying their team members more will motivate them at the workplace. However, this is not the case, especially for today’s workforce. Most employees value some perks more than they do a pay raise. They value perks that improve their quality of life more than just paying them more. These perks show a lot of concern for them and demonstrate how much a company cares about its employees. Some of these perks might include things like Employee Wellness Program, vacation, child care, and health covers. Having such perks will motivate your team, making it more productive at the workplace.

5. Mistakes at the Workplace

Any team should not be afraid of making mistakes in the workplace. The team members know that mistakes are acceptable and can be corrected without any issues. Every team leader expects high performance from their team members. However, what most of them do not know is the fact that mistakes at the workplace are inevitable. Team leaders that accept mistakes from their team members and avoid shaming and blaming the team succeed in creating a team that delivers and meets their expectations.


It is the responsibility of every single person in a company, from the top managers to the cleaner at the bottom, to design and build a positive culture and environment at the workplace. A company that allows everyone to make a contribution makes them count and feel appreciated.

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