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Fun and Hip Unisex Backpack

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Fun and Hip Unisex Backpacks

Don’t you just love summer? Summer for us in the USA means barbecues, pool parties, and our one of our favorite holidays of all time, Fourth of July! I am a fan of all accessories that honor our beloved nation. Our American Flag is unique and beautiful. It is a representation of our American culture, history, and society. Since Fourth of July is coming up, I’ve decided to sport a very fun and elegant Patriotic backpack from E-Joyer.

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Cute and Fun to Show Off

The brand of the back pack is Royals with a Crown logo. It’s not common here in the USA, because it's designed and made in China. They manufacture many of these fun and modern backpacks with various prints. I really love seeing the American Flag on t-shirts, bags, socks, etc., so sporting my own backpack is perfect for me.

Unisex So Anyone Could Use It

This lovely backpack is definitely unisex. It can be for men or women, and I know teens would probably love to tote this bag at school. The bag however is designed for light weight items as it could tear. It is equipped with lots of pockets which I love, since I am a very organized person. So there are two side pockets perfect for your water bottles. Next there are two separate main compartments. The smaller front compartment is ideal for your chapsticks, pens, keys and hand sanitizers. It has a mesh interior pocket on one size and the other side is three side by side pockets. The mesh pocket is eight inches in length and five inches deep. The side by side pockets are two inches wide and four inches deep.

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The zipper is a yellow gold color and all the other hardware, such as the nuts and bolts are also yellow gold in color. The yellow gold hardware is a perfect contrast to the red, black, and blue print of the American Flag artwork. The front and bottom of the backpack is labeled with “American made” in a pretty cursive writing.

Inside the main compartment are five more separate pockets. These pockets are ideal for your wallet, cell phone, and snacks,. The interior space of the backpack, which is the main space, is ideal for your books and notepads. The backpack is about sixteen inches long and twelve inches wide. It is about five inches in width.

I also love that the top of the backpack has a handle for those that don’t want to use it like a backpack. But if you do use it as a backpack, the straps are definitely there for you and they can be adjusted in length. The straps are black in the upper half and gray in the bottom half. The ends of the straps are sewn over so the straps don’t slide out of the harness and fall off of you. These simple details make it a perfect design for a fun day of use and as well to show off on holidays, like the Fourth of July.

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