The Unknotted strives to empower women by surrounding them with a fun environment and letting them know that life does not end as a result of divorce.

Creative juices flowing turned out to be a great elixir for the pangs of divorce drama. Well, that and a few shared bottles of wine. Our mission is to celebrate when divorce is a good thing. And after the dust clears, most divorcees will tell you it was. To bring a bit of humor during hard days. To let the dumper or dumped (dumpee) know that she is not alone, and life does indeed go on and will most often improve. To say what you want to say but just aren’t sure it is the “right” thing to say.


Bottoms up! Our supersize wine glass is designed to be the gift she’ll use again and again. An entire bottle of wine (minus a little taster sip), can be poured inside. Graduated markings on the side let you know the appropriate amount to entertain for any duration of unblissful matrimony. From a small pour for an annulment to the fill ‘er up mark for 10+ years, she can symbolically replace those years of bitterness with the sweet taste of her favorite wine. Cheers!




You aren’t overindulging in creamy goodness, you’re soothing the sharp pains of disillusionment. Whether you just want to find some ‘chillin’ or ready to induce an ice cream stupor, you will undoubtedly find our perfect for pint size ice cream mug equipped for the job. Just in case anyone asks, the Rx on the front and appropriate gradations marked for ‘Chillin’, ‘Brain Freeze’ or ‘Ice Cream Stupor’ will leave no doubt that this is for medicinal purposes only. Keep your hands warm and the ice cream cold, with the spoon neatly nestled inside the handle, all you need is your favorite flavor. We’d include the ice cream if we could, really, we would, it just doesn’t ship well.

A bit about our company: The Unknotted was started by my sister and I when she announced she was getting divorced after 23 years of marriage. Unable to find gifts and party supplies specifically for those who are happily divorcing we decided to create them!

What would you want?

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