When I have had a stressful day I like to sit down and have a nice glass of Ciu Ciu wine at night to unwind.  Sometimes I like to drink my wine with dinner.  I am in no way an expert at pairing wine and what wine goes with what food, and I really don’t think I ever will.  I have no idea what is a dessert wine, etc., I just want a wine that tastes good!!


Ciu Ciu wine is a special wine.  Special because it is not something you see all the time.  I love trying different wines! It is my thing – always trying something new and different that catches my eye.  This wine really resonated with me even before I opened it because the whole bottle literally is written in Italian.  I am Italian so of course I was curious.  I cannot read or speak it, but my grandmother and her parents and her brothers and sister all literally came here to the United States on a boat through Ellis Island so I was automatically intrigued having wine directly from Italy, with everything in Italian.  The only thing I knew from the bottles was that they were white wines. 

The first wine I tried was Ciu Ciu Arbinus Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi.  It is made from the grape variety Verdicchio which is a variety of white grape.  This is not a sweet wine. It is a dry wine. Not overwhelmingly dry but definitely not a sweet wine.  It smells fruity but not a sicky sweet type of smell where you can tell it is definitely not going to be a sweet wine.  It went great with dinner and I felt so sophisticated drinking a fancy wine from Italy!

The second wine was Ciu Ciu Evoe Marche Indicazione Geografica Protetta Passerina.  This wine was even drier to me than the first.  Again, not mouth puckering dry where I literally was thirsty after drinking it (I have had wine so dry that I have felt that way, that I needed something to drink AFTER I drank the wine! – I know some people love dry wine, the drier the better, my father being one of them, but I prefer myself something not THAT dry that I have to drink after drinking!).  This wine is made from the grape variety Passerina.  This wine I thought would be a great wine for when you are serving like cheeses and stuff like that.  

The thing I liked about Ciu Ciu wines also is that it made me feel like I was drinking such a fancy wine and would be a great bottle to open for company instead of all the regular wines everyone is familiar with.  Both of the above mentioned wines are made by hand at the end of September and are 13% alcohol by volume.  If you are looking for a different wine that tastes good and has a nice scent to it, Ciu Ciu wine fits the bill.  Would go perfect with Easter dinner and to impress your company with a wine directly from Italy!!

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