Update Your Bath Linen For Spring with Micro Cotton
With the first day of Spring only a few days away, now is the time to start thinking about Spring cleaning. Of course when you start Spring cleaning, it includes the process of decluttering, reorganizing, and possibly updating a few items around your home. One of the key items we may tend to forget or neglect are our bath linens. If your bath towels, hand towels, and washcloth has holes, tears, frayed edges or smells even after you have washed it, then it is time to get some new bath linen. Macy's Hotel Collection Ultimate Micro Cotton Bath Linens offers a luxury bath experience that is not only good for you and your skin, but also the earth!

Micro Cotton

Macy's Hotel Collection Ultimate Micro Cotton Bath Linens are ultra-soft and super absorbent (1.5X). They are thick and soft. Micro Cotton proprietary processes and craftsmanship make their bath linen the finest that there is. They use hand-picked long-staple cotton that is brought in from farms across the globe. This cotton is then processed for the utmost luxury and comfort so that it safe for from the youngest to the oldest to use!  The delicate cotton threads are then meticulously woven into fabrics by master craftsmen. Their processes minimize lint and pilling which helps to extend the life of your bath linen.

Macy's Hotel Collection

There are several reasons why adding Macy's Hotel Collection Ultimate Micro Cotton Bath Linen including:

  • The bath linen is 100% cotton
  • Crafted using ecological safe manufacturing practices
  • MADE IN GREEN certification by OEKO-TEX
  • Available in 21 colors from neutrals, to soft pastel, to bold and rich colors

So this year when you are doing your Spring cleaning, don't forget to look at your bath towels and washclothes. Imagine all the germs hidden in your bath linen that have been there for years that you constantly use on your body everyday. Macy's Hotel Collection Ultimate Micro Cotton Bath Linens is a beautiful collection that offers comfort and style.
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