Just hearing the words lice Makes me feel all buggy and yucky. Just the thought of our kids getting it stinks. Vamousse lice prevention prevents lice infestation. Helps keep your family lice free. It is also gentle for daily use. You use vamousse shampoo to protect your child against when there is a head lice outbreak at school. From reinfestation following head lice treatment. When going to camp or a sleepover. Protect your family when a family member has had or has had a head lice infestation. When there is a head lice outbreak at school.
Vamousse also makes an easy mousse application live treatment. Kills 100 percent lice and eggs in 15 minutes. It is non toxic and pesticide free. Kills super lice.v
Vamousse Preventative Shampoo will kill lice before they lay eggs while gently cleaning hair. It contains non-toxic, natural ingredients, so you and the members of your family can use it daily when there’s an outbreak. Whether going to a camp or sleepover or a family member has or has had a lice infestation, use Vamousse Preventative Shampoo to protect your child and your family. Learn more about what steps you can take to reduce the chance your loved ones will get head lice (Prevent Head Lice).
Having these products that are pesticide free to fight against lice makes me feel a little better about putting these products on my family. Let's face it when it comes to chemicals nobody wants to use them. For more information click here.

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