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Vape Away Your Worries

Vape Away Those Worries Using Dry Herbs – This Vaporizer Gives You All Of The Control

I live in a state where marijuana is still illegal, which is unfortunate since I could really use it for panic attacks, depression, and other issues.  However, I can use Deltra 8 weed because it's not as potent and it happens to be legal here in Nebraska.  I'm actually not here to talk about that, I want to show you this amazing dry herb vaporizer Utillian sent to me.  They sent their Utillian 421 Dry Herb Vaporizer and I am so excited to use it for my worries!  This little cutie gives you all of the control you need to get a good rip.  I love how perfectly it fits in my hand and it's so easy to use.  I also love the sexy black color, however, they do come in 4 other colors.

Worries Are A Thing Of The Past

You know how it is when you just get home from work.  You're exhausted but your mind is running like crazy thinking about the work day and what you need to do tomorrow.  Well, instead of letting that anxiety get to you, go sit down, fill your Utillian Vaporizer with your favorite herb and enjoy your night.  Every inhalation will take you further away from the anxiousness.  This world we are living in is way too crazy so give yourself this gift, because we all deserve to let go of those racing thoughts.

All Of The Control You Want

The Utillian 421 gives you the control to create the best rip you've ever had.  Not only is this vaporizer the perfect size to take anywhere, but it also has lots of functions.  There is a digital display that's easy to see and use, plus you can even control the airflow.  It has a 60-minute battery to keep up with any session!  I love that I can fill up my battery, take it with me on the go and take a drag whenever I need it.  Would you like more control?  Well, the 421 also includes 6 pre-set temperatures which means you can play with them and find what works best for you!

The pre-set temperatures are 180C, 190C, 200C, 210C, 220C, and 230C.  What a great way to personalize your sessions, not to mention being easy to share with friends too.  The mouthpiece is glass and it even comes with extra screens.  You'll also receive the charger and a small tool to pack your herb.  This is the perfect vaporizer in my opinion!

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