US-VSL-10oz-IC-AR-FragranceFree_tcm2571-777548   With the weather changing and having those cold days. Our skin starts to dry out. Well Vaseline intensive care has give me the chance to review their advanced repair fragrance free and lightly scented lotion. Vaseline is an old family product name that I have grown up with and love. As you may know by reading my reviews I have terribly dry skin all year round. I have a condition called psoriasis. I have tried out a lot of products that help me, or irritate my skin. Well, Vaseline Intensive care helps quench my thirsty skin. The advanced repair is proven to heal very dry skin in 5 days. I have been using it for about a week now. I have seen a huge difference. So with that said it should work very well on normal dry skin and help heal it. With the micro droplets of Vaseline jelly. US-VSL-10oz-IC-AR-LightlyScented_tcm2571-777539 This is a non greasy lotion. Healthy skin starts with deep healing moisture.  With Vaseline it all started with a wonder jelly they have been perfecting for over 140 years. Today they have more advanced products with micro droplets of Vaseline jelly in their advanced repair lotions, which absorbs deeply into your skin and moisturizes and helps to heal from within. This lotion leaves you with a silky non greasy feel. Fast heeling when your skin is dry and rough. Moisturizes even those dry stubborn very dry patches. It does not irritate sensitive skin. That's the healing power of Vaseline.  For more information click here. leaf_tcm1504-214703_tcm2571-777660

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