If You're Interested In Vegan Pancakes And Brownies, This Is For You!  They're Not Only Healthy But Also Delicious

I know that the popular fad right now is to eat plant-based,. vegan food.  Unfortunately, just because the label says healthy doesn't mean it tastes good.  Thankfully, I received a package from Lehi Mills that I'm very excited about.  They sent me Vegan Pancake & Waffle Mix and Vegan Double Fudge Brownie Mix.  Both are very healthy for you and I know for a fact that the pancakes taste awesome.  My favorite thing about both of them is that you don't use eggs (obviously).  The pancakes were so easy because you simply add water.  The brownie mix only takes vegetable oil and water, which I'm very happy about.  As I said earlier, I don't usually eat vegan, but after this, you may have changed my mind.

Vegan And Plant-Based Pancakes Don't Have To Be Yucky

I used to think that if the food didn't have fat and “bad for you” stuff in it, then it couldn't taste good.  Boy was I proven wrong.  The pancake mix that I made is perfect for my son because he can't have dairy.  As I said earlier, there are no eggs.  However, there is no dairy either!  This is wonderful news for my son since he absolutely loves pancakes.  If he could eat them for every meal he would.  Unfortunately, he's grown and not living with me, so he wasn't able to taste these.  I promised him I'd make him some and bring them to him very soon.  As you can imagine, he's very excited.

I was so happy to receive the brownie mix, but I was so mad to find out that I didn't have the pan that was needed to bake them.  As much as my son was looking forward to the pancakes, I was looking forward to the brownies!  They smell (the bag) and look amazing (on the box).  Plus how can you go wrong with double fudge?  Maybe for Christmas, I'll make some special brownies and pancakes and bring them to our family gathering.  My son would certainly be on cloud nine.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours.

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